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  • MCROC43 MCROC43 Jan 7, 2009 3:18 PM Flag

    Why I am upset? Here is the reason.

    Riskspan, This stock has been a bad dream from the month I bought it. Who and what to trust has always been the trouble with this stock. How these guys can get paid the money and stock options they do is just plain robbery. I long gotten past being sick about this cr#p. I have loads of apathy and cynicism about whats going on with PRFT, Wall St, and the country's politics. Whats a guy to do????

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    • Thanks for your posting. Though I am upset with the leadership team yesterday of their 8k filings. I think they did this to manage the street expectation. And possibily surprise them. But this stock is not going to anywhere until they start to give good q1 guidance. Will it recover from this level. I hope so. Hoping has always been disappointing for this stock. When you look at trading pattern of Jack, it looks like he is good at selling at the top and buying at the bottom. He bought at the $2-3 level and he is laughing his heads off when he gave this presentation. God Bless all of us.

      Trust is like an icicle once melted it can never be the same. As for as I am concerned That ice is now thawing.

    • Thanks. I know you are holding it for a long time. It is a mistake to be sentimentally attached to a company. You feel wounded when your minimal expectation is not met. But at least when you allocate a stock option, you must have a conscious of whether it is worth taking. You must not allot stock options and shows a no growth. That is not the money earned. It is robbed. When I saw the video of jack presentation, I felt sick. This is deception all the way.

      Did you notice that no analysts downgraded the stock. Dont you find it strange?

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