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  • MCROC43 MCROC43 Apr 29, 2009 2:25 PM Flag

    Keeps moving up:

    No matter how you feel about PRFT, its hard to fight the momentum. At this rate I'll be even in no time! Actually, I hope to recover my money and reinvest it in defensive funds (GLD,SLV) against the probable Obama dollar collapse due to trillion dollar deficits and weak government. Bush started it, Obama will finish us off. Not happy with either party. I'm a tea bagging protester. Good luck to all!

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    • You know can always tell when someone has lost an argument....they start calling people names! You insulted me as well as most Americans. I guess you think there is no room for differences of opinion. Best of luck to you anyway. :-)

    • I guess we'll let history be the judge.

    • What would you suggest to solve the Bush financial mess?---do nothing? When was the last time a problem was solved by doing nothing.

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      • Let's try a healthy dose of European Socialism, sprinkled with a pinch of Fascism, and grow government beyond imagination .. while your at it let's demolish our healthcare system, create government ownership of automobiles, energy, and banks then seal it off with a monstrous wealth destruction Cap and Trade fisco. Yup, that'l do it alright.

        Who is John Galt?


      • My suggestion to help the situation:
        1. Let the free markets work. Don't bailout private business.
        2. Stop spending money we don't have. Trillions of dollars a year in deficit spending will be the end of us.
        3. How about people actually start saving money for the furure.
        4. Stop spending our social security money.
        5. Stop monitizing our debt. Printing money out of thin air never works in the long run.
        6. Look for ways to make programs more efficient. Use the savings to pay down debt.
        7. Say what your going to do and keep your word.
        8. No excuses or lies.
        I happen to be a local politian at the town level. These are a few of the principals I live by. It works for town government, why not higher up?

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