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  • gregsromek gregsromek Apr 20, 2010 1:08 AM Flag

    please tell me why this would happen.

    why would they sell at these high numbers if they thought they had something? they sold most of thier positions, now they are appointing new members to the board, what? did the others quit and go sit in the bahamas with there cash, dammit i would. and i am sitting here holding the bag, this is BS. should have sold and been done with this crap. i am getting sick of all the 15-28 dollar buyout posts whatever, this will be lucky if it becomes a pump and dump. what are their sales figures going to be on May 2???? 0 dollars, we are waiting for a ghost company to buy us, this sucks. you know what i am thinking, wall street and govt, working together to take money from people using stocks. my theory is still in the juvenial stage but think about it. if they have to keep cutting taxes and paying for SS and health care where do they get the money, FN people in the market thats where. and for all of you that think you got it all figured out, you got burned before too, dont lie. yeah there will be some that lucked out, but this is just a giant one arm bandit and we all know the house wins. good luck, we all need it.

    3/18/10 Raser Jeffrey W
    Officer Sale 52,500 7.81 – 9.75 15,000 $467.3 K
    Pascoe Richard W
    Chief Executive Officer Sale 104,510 7.53 – 9.58 15,490 $953.7 K
    Onaitis Matthew W
    General Counsel Sale 32,081 9.00 – 9.21 30,005 $292.4 K
    Dorsey Brian T
    Officer Sale 70,500 7.89 – 9.75 9,420 $624.8 K
    Montreux Equity Par...
    Beneficial Owner of more ... Sale 1,500,000 9.21 – 9.21 695,505 $13.8 M

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