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  • burgetommy burgetommy Apr 20, 2010 8:31 AM Flag

    please tell me why this would happen.

    Dude- lay off the sauce!

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    • Greg: Managment sells shares for the same reasons I do in bio! Greed!

      Some sales are programmed in advance, some are to invest in their other holdings, some to pay tax bills (its that time of the year), some to send that kid off to Harvard medical school, some just to take profit-LIKE I ALSO DID!

      You see they just gave themselves more so in this situation it doesn't much matter whether they sell some along the way IMO!

      To me, my multiple sells for hundreds of percecent profit, I am just peas in a pod with them!

      You weren't around Greg when I was buying at 1.14, 2.22, 3.77, and now at 7.50. I sold some along the way, posted it, while talking to Struft, and Clark, and Breit, and many others.

      Ironically, you were nowhere in sight then when you should have been!. Even more ironic is you were buying when I was selling and then holding what was left. Now you are moaning, thinking of selling and holding while I am now buying back in cheaper.

      Your a back-azzward dude!

      Your position is not optimal, but it ain't that bad! Your sitting on shares in a company with an FDA approval for a drug with real markets, 6 employees, no way to market and sell this themselves. That leaves partnership and/or buyout.

      If you don't want to wait for the inevitable and let them do the deal, then don't let the door hit your azz on the way thru it! get your nails done "Buttercup" and head over to franks house, for some Old Milwaukee beer!

      Sell your shares Greg and then blame me later for doing so when the material news comes and you lose again!!