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  • snobordnutt snobordnutt Jul 12, 2010 3:06 PM Flag

    They are Covering into Short Update

    dances..This is a crazy market being sometimes controlled to the point where it doesn't make any sense. Yes is no down can be up. The trend is something the hedge generally adhere's too as its the path of least resistance and they will ride it until pressure keeping it there costs them too much and the flip is better for them. So should it be for you and me. They're driving the bus. We're just passengers. Today the Hedge sells the short term spikes sets a short position at the top and covers as they slow grind it lower. Most of its done with software. There's also traders at desks working for the house or retailers trading the range. They can tell when retail gets involved and stop their buying as retail begins to chase they are selling. When retail begins to buy the dips they are buying ahead of you as they cover whats left of their position. How do we win? Can't compete with their software but look at this equity last week hovering near 2.70 for a day or 2? In a week we could be in the mid 4's. Do that a few times a year and you have a decent income. Otherwise don't sit in a stock as too much could happen. One hiccup and this thing tanked? Craziness that will keep you up at night.Sell the overdone spikes and buy the overdone dips otherwise stay in cash and sleep well at night.

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