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  • nickolus8 Jun 13, 2014 1:57 PM Flag

    The SA article is the biggest joke...

    my favorite among the things that "need" to happen at the end: "immediate evaluation by a forensic accountant to be selected by Carson Block of Muddy Waters Research."

    It honestly reads like a 14 year old wrote it. grabbed some cheap shares to say the least, ill be laughing when its 4 again in a month.

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    • I saw that author also indicated that a dividend would be the best way to show that the company is legit. I know you love this one. ;)

      Funny that someone portraying themselves as a stock analyst would want a dividend from a growth company.

    • Agreed. Drawing some large conclusions from very limited information. A couple of other SA contributors chimed in to support him as well. Appears to be an organized bash.

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      • Certainly an organized bash. But his connections and who he is fronting for is important. It is interesting that he childishly (or perhaps cleverly) dictates an auditor selected by Carson Block who is a short guru of Chinese stocks. Those who bashed GURE several years ago also referenced Carson Block and some of the things they claimed turned out to be fabricated or anecdotal. I know him from his student days and he is sharp kid and nowadays rather influential though not always effective short advocate. He and his associates have been involved in much of the fanfare about fraudulent Chinese stocks. If he or his associates are involved, then this stock will be trading differently for at least a while if not on a more extended period-- perhaps more like GURE. I have always traded these Chinese stocks on short term basis while holding a core. Manipulation whether on the side of the management or others has always been a given for me. So this does not alter my trading strategy but alerts me to the fact that PME is another widely targeted Chinese stock.

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