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  • jockne40 jockne40 Feb 9, 2009 11:31 PM Flag

    ETrade and CYTX

    i had same thing happen with them and had to place both buy and sell orders by calling in only. They said it had something to do with something possibly happening , either rumor or they know.......never ran into that before.

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    • This happens often with Etrade small cap trades. For instance, I bought a little ACHN without any hint of problem a long time ago and when I went to sell it for a tax loss last year I found I had to call them to place the order. They were not able to tell me any convincing reason for it--just got a lot of mealy mouth conflicting mumbo jumbo about company policy, etc. What I'd like to know is why certain stocks are awarded this less than confidence building status. My best guess is that they don't want to get stuck with the stock in their inventory if things suddenly go south. This still doesn't satisfy my curiosity and wish someone could more specifically lay out the mechanism by which these decisions are made by Etrade, Scottrade, etc.
      It is annoying to spend time researching a company and then, when a trade is attempted, find that the broker apparently, for no defined reason, refuses to allow electronic trading of the issue. What am I to think? That it's a too speculative stock for them to handle, of course. I've often simply walked away from the stock when this happens--sometimes to my great expense when it subsequently takes off northward. Having to call the broker and wait on hold, etc., right at the end of a trading session, for instance, is aggravating and sometimes impossible.

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