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  • agentofprogression agentofprogression Dec 27, 2012 10:48 AM Flag

    Note The Year: My Nice Letter To Cytori 12 - 29 - 2011

    Respectfully to Mr. Tom Baker:

    Dear Mr. Baker,

    You have responded back to me in the past and I thank you for that. I am writing to you & Cytori today to let it be known that I am dissatisfied with management. I am sure that most all parties at Cytori work extremely hard; however, my dissatisfaction has more to do with a patern of over promising and underdelievering, where as, a management team should strive to do the opposite. At the core issue, I purchased additional shares of Cytori based on comments from management this year that 10 strategic partnerships were being discussed (as you can see in this thread...this is a major issue for me and my investment) and that at least one strategic partnership should be completed by year's end. This statement implies the likehood of not just one partnership but potentially more. Well, we are at year end and there have been no additional strategic partnerships. Other than dilussion of outstanding shares and lack of sales, I believe the aforementioned issue is at the heart of the drastic reduction is pps.

    Again, I appreciate the hard work of all the people at Cytori ...and I recogonize the accomplishiments of the year, but I would like my voice heard that Cytori should strive to underpromise and overdeliver. Thank you for the time and consideration.

    Kind regards and happy new year,

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    • I would like to see the letter you would write this year after another year of failure and incompetance. You can make it an anual exercise in futility.

      • 1 Reply to rothco619
      • Roth,

        Well it wouldn't be as congenial. I seriously thought about writing another letter and pulled this one out prior to starting. ....I shortly snapped out of it and wondered what the hell I was doing?!....decided to post here instead.

        I suppose it could have been cathartic in a way....but the true impetus of the letter would never been recognized (otherwise we would have heard from them by now) or worse/likely the letter would be laughed at and dissregarded (again, otherwise we would have heard from them by now).

        I applaud and thank you for your legal efforts Roth.


    • congrats. good letter. they deserve it.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Nice agent...what do you bet DOV's letter changes nothing as well.

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      • Not willing to take that bet Hedge.

        The sad fact is the letter I wrote a year ago illustrates....shareholders...myself included..... have been made to be the fools. Plus, it could be used nearly word for word again today.
        Management is absolutely pathetic! For all those that defend them and look on the bright are lost and do not understand business. These deadlines from last year (beyond that too), 2 quarters ago, this year....are all SELF IMPOSED; therefore, either management is completely incompetent, nefarious with their disclosures to the shareholders/owners or both!

        I need to calm down and try and keep Christmas in my heart....but damn it these idiots are bleeding the company!!
        (deep breath)

        I'll keep a core holding because of the science but management has lost the shred of standing they had left.

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