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  • rothco619 rothco619 Jan 28, 2013 11:45 AM Flag

    Maxim Report

    Today Jason Kolbert sent out new report based on SF presentations. The report is 26 pages and I can't link or post but in a nut shell we are a very long way away from reaping any meaningful profits from our investment and the field is getting crowded with competitors. Mangements inability to navigate the approvals procerss in Europe and or the US has clearly taken it's toll.

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    • The report covers the entire industry. Most positive notes where related to Mesoblast, Cytori and Athersys, IMHO. Baxter method too cumbersome and expensive (see Dendreon). There will be multiple winners and the overall view by the experts is, not if but when, Having said that, execution by Cytori is key, as it always has been.


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      • Titan if you go back and listen to call Kolbert did with cardiologists discussing Cytori cardiac and Okeynos you will hear taht what he put in this report was no more then a regurgitation of that call. Kolbert is now paid by Cytori and was involved in secondary and paid handsomly. Just as Adam Fairstein is a shill for the shorts Kolbert is a shill for being long Cytori. The road is a long one and traveling a long road takes time, time is money and Cytori has none. 20 million is nothing gives them a year. Color it any way you want spin it any way you want we are in no better position then we have been and confidence in mangement has just eroded further. Long term high net worth investors have lost confidence all all hope but are not putting money where mouth is. Short position reduced with no squeeze so IMHO entire short position could be covered with no bump above $3.50 so what did that get us. Newbies and pumpers will continue to tout Cytori but to me I believ nothing until I see it signed sealed and delivered and reflected in the pps. Tired of the dreamers and the #$%$ who complain that about people like me who expect results, thats what I'm compensated for and so chould Cytori mangement. CC pulling down 1.5 + in salry and benefits for delivering nothing is a joke., makes his option experation easy for him to swallow. tell you what I'd like him to swallow. Best of luck to all of us.

    • Did you even read the report?

      "Cytori’s cell therapy could be the first to the marketplace. Our channel checks suggest
      Baxter’s autologous trial and Amorcytes are having trouble enrolling patients, while Cytori’s
      is ahead of schedule." Cover page

      "Conclusion: Our doctors were very positive for Cytori and Mesoblast trials in CMI and CHF,
      respectively. They were not positive for the Baxter (CMI) trial based on the use of GcSF and the
      cumbersome collection process." Page 5

      "So what is it going to take for valuations to reflect our enthusiasm? First, clinical data. As we mentioned previously, we believe investors will take notice of clinical data, and we are on the precipice of a lot of data: Data from Immunocellular’s phase II trial in glioblastoma, data from Cytori’s Phase II pilot study in CMI, Phase II data from Athersys’ (and its partner Pfizer) global ulcerative colitis study and stroke trial, progress in Aastrom’s pivotal CLI trial, progress in NeoStem’s Phase II STEMI trial, progress in Baxter's phase III CMI trial, the start of Mesoblast’s (and Teva’s) Phase III CHF trial, and many, many others. But just as it has taken time and capital for these companies to advance their clinical programs (clinical trials to mature and the data to emerge; while not every trial will produce stunning results, for those that do, it should represent significant advances and will have been worth the wait, in our opinion), it is also taking time for our second point: stakeholder awareness. While smart institutions follow the data, companies have yet to engage stakeholders. What we mean by stakeholders comes down to a combination of not just those in the medical community (doctors and key opinion leaders, or KOLs), but also patients themselves. The media has been so focused over the controversies involved in embryonic research that it has been slow to understand the impact that cell therapy can have on chronic disease. We believe cell therapy represents a pathway towards easing the burdens of chronic diseases like heart failure, creating sharp pharmaco-economic value and improved quality-of-life outcomes.
      Companies themselves have not directly targeted stakeholders, who tend to be savvy and research the latest trials and treatments. We believe the combination of clinical data and stakeholder awareness sets the stage for a rebound in valuation in the sector." Page 6

      Additionally, check what has happened to the short interest in the last tow month.
      If you don't like the management or the science sell the stock and go away, your whining is really annoying.

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    • Rothco thanks for that synopsis of Maxims 26 page peport!

    • funny, because 2 weeks ago they rated CYTX a buy with price target of 10$...
      look up Maxim Group MaximUniverse in Google

      rothco, send the report to Fas please, so he can share it on his site.

    • that's terrible...just terrible...and sadly what I expected..

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