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    celltex is moving offshore to mexico. I wrote a reply to this news. Its in nature magazine

    Jennifer Ziegler said:
    Over the past few years, as an MS patient and a stem cell recipient, I have a growing suspicion that something in the MS community is just not right. Something isn't adding up. Conflict of interests between doctors, FDA, and drug companies are over the top. We keep asking ourselves "why are so many MS patients seeking overseas/alternative treatments?" I had confirmation that MS patients are at the top of the list of "disease communities" seeking stem cell treatment abroad. There has to be more to this than meets the eye. The claims the drug companies, the FDA, and many scientists are making, are in direct opposition to what MS patients are actually experiencing. As of late in the media, our suspicions are being confirmed. The MS drugs are being proven ineffective and very dangerous. Efficacy rates in the drug studies are being called into question. We hope to dispel the idea that the majority of MS patients are being marketed to by foreign/domestic stem cell clinics. In reality, our experience is, that patients share their successes and failures with each other in regard to AdMSC treatments and clinics. We then make informed decisions in becoming a medical tourist. The successes we are seeing/hearing from other patients, far exceed any FDA approved treatment available to us in the USA to date. You could then form a hypothesis about other "disease communities" like ALS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's etc, seeking overseas treatment for exactly the same reasons. There is a GIANT breakdown somewhere in our current system, and the huge popularity of medical tourism is a direct reflection of this gaping black hole.

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