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  • choccorrico choccorrico Mar 6, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

    Some earnings facts


    must have leaked, so we should see very good news tomorrow.JMHO

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    • The EU approval alone should add a $1.00 to today PPS

    • I agree, unless analysts had a chat with the CEO and MGMT a while back and waited for the right time to make the upgrade,last week another firm had an upgrade..

    • If you simply read their 3rd quarter conference call, it is evident that they were already having a very strong 4th quarter (as they were reporting in mid-November), and many 3rd quarter sales were going to be reflected on 4th quarter. More importantly, no more dilution of shares after last public offering, and less sales force needed due to government paying for and beginning to order all hospitals to have CYTX platforms on hand in the United States, (this is one of the few times in the history of the United States where government security trumped/beat FDA approval out of the box. Even so, we know FDA approval will follow because of international approval and usage that proves treatment is safe and effective. This proactive approach is more than a proverbial foot in the door, it is a red carpet (and justifiably so).

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      • mt; so you think it is a big deal there has been no additional dilution since secondary which occured just a few months ago. Well that surely is a positive. the one point and this must be adressed is that even with the secondary CYTX has not adressed #1 issue which is securing sufficient financing to fund operations and on going trials. this was supposed to be accomplished through deals that were ever so close but have yet to be delivered. Hopefully this important issue will be adressed. Of course the revenue issue which mangement has told us for years that revenue from Europe should provide enough capital to turn things cash positive. well we know that has yet to happen, nor has CU mark approvals. so hopefully that issue will be adressed as well,. With regard to last year 3rd quarter revenue and you do grasp this it was worse then the year before. the reason offered was because revenue was realized in fourth quater thus the 9 million dollar number which hopwfully has been realized and confirmed by auditors and will be discussed at legnth in todays call. I am hopeful but feeling ambivalent having been through 4 years of disappointments and broken promises. Perhaps there may be a change which we are all hoping for or we will just be calhouned again. Soon we shall hear and I am certain tomorrow the board will be busy. Important that there is a legnthy q&a session, not limited by softball questions from Jason Kolbert and Mr.Roth as he will surely have some questions as well given his most recent buy rating with $8 target. Should Cytori manage to fight it's way above $5 due to some verifiable results within the next 90 days, I am certain the negative sentiment of so many long term shareholder who all are under water will change. Expect the worst and hope for the best .

    • like less loss than expected?

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