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  • forgotmorthanuno forgotmorthanuno Mar 27, 2013 7:46 AM Flag

    TRIB - The stock that will be $100 before CYTX

    TRIB will be $117 in less than 3 years - It's already in motion WITH MOMENTUM.
    Has earnings , no debt , $78MM in cash and a new diagnostic test detecting troponin via the Swiss-based FIOMI last year. This is a lil powerhouse. Also , I think cytx could "run laps around" TRIB at some point.....the inflection point that Hedric smelled ...TRIB has EVERYTHING that cytx wants.....It's out of the startingh gate.CYTX is like a thoroughbred that is ready to run but just cant get the starting gate to open. CYTX will achieve greatness if they dont starve to death waiting......... TRIB is your winner and of course im already long TRIB. It has $100 upside in 36 months and it should happen. yes.....I FORGOTMORTHANUNO

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    • Do you think TRIB will get to 117 before cytx will get to 70, which you predicted in 2009 to happen in Q1 2010?
      Or did you already forgetmorethanino ? :-)

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      • The difference between you and me is this : I sold CYTX when the facts changed around $6 many moons ago....and posted on this board. The market is fluid - everchanging - CYTX cant get to "SUSTAINABILITY" .....when they become sustainable , the stock could be $10BB makt cap in 10 years. So , what changed my mind ....the facts.


        will be a buyer around the $2.55 mark - I do think kaaskopp is correct on CYTX long term.....I just dont want to board the train as it is motionless/unsustainable

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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