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  • rodney.strongg rodney.strongg Aug 30, 2013 10:57 AM Flag



    My DD has led me to the conclusion that something is just not right about the whole Cytori story. The group in SD is dysfunctional, this Yahoo MB is dysfunctional with constant infighting, and these two "so-called expert" characters called Kass and Dov have chosen to no longer support the stock by posting on this MB. Furthermore, the achievements of the past year such as BARDA and Australia seem to have come from nowhere while many of the important stated goals over the years mostly get pushed-out timewise or get changed/eliminated. Perhaps, there will be other unknown positive surprises, but it seems that any further investment requires that to happen first.

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    • agree...I think those experts stopped posting since they were afraid they were gonna be sued with their pumping and ... pumping and selling koolaid without a license to pump

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      • Why would you all come on a message board to bash the company? Your short, bitter, or paid by shorts. If you own shares just sell and get lost, which I don't believe any of you do. Rodney, from your post you act like you make your buying choices by what people say on message boards, not very bright. Paid bashers like all of you in this thread are thieves, you talk foolish individual investors out of their positions. I bet any of you would take the last dime of a homeless person if you thought you could get away with it. What a sad bunch if you ask me.

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