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  • meh8767 meh8767 Nov 5, 2013 4:42 PM Flag

    This deal does not pass the smell test

    I have been long the stock for over three years so I hope this deal is for real.
    That being said I have my doubts;
    1. This deal is with a Chinese company and individual no one has ever heard of and I can't find on the internet.
    2. The announcement comes just four days before a conf. call that was likely to be very contentious
    3. Last week the market cap was under $130M and this guy comes in with a deal potentially worth 4 times that.
    4. Chinese companies are notorious for making big commitments and then disappearing before they put up the money. Note that no money changes hands until at least a week after the conf. call.
    I am not much of a believer in coincidences and the size and timing of this deal doesn't pass "the smell test". Hope I am wrong and that the boys at CYTX have done the due diligence and will spend some time on the call enlightening us on just who this guy is and their diligence on Lorem's ability to pay.

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    • "Smell it."
      "Smells like a contract man"
      "Taste it"
      "No way"
      "Taste it"
      "Tastes like a contract man"
      "Good thing we didn't step in it"

    • It is so obvious your short-- time to face the margin call as it moves toward the double digits. You, shorted the wrong stock, now say uncle and pay the piper. The longer you wait to cover-- the pain will intensify.

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    • The key is whether the 500M deal is real. If it is, the earning for this quarter probably doesn't have strong effect. WS cares about future a lot more than the current quarter.

    • this is a joke news. you Google for want lorem ipsum means. it means dummy joke text with no meaning. this company is created for fraud and joke. How stupid it is.

    • No reason not to question things- but I will take this deal and the daily action it obviously generated- over the promises of times past. Show me the money, and they are. Also, with the mess our medical insurance industry is in with Obamacare, think having a strong interest in the far east, and Australia seems like a good hedge. I am glad the deal is not a US deal- this will give prospective US partners a chance to regroup and the ammunition to push FDA- Medical tourism is money lost to the US unless they can start thinking like capitalists again.

    • hmmm sounds like you missed the boat. hop on man...dont be a sour sissy.

    • meh8767
      Nothing wrong with voicing your concerns especially given the history of partnership talk.
      Right now I would grade this deal as a C+
      I too have lots of questions and hope the call Thursday night clears some of it up.
      I am not worried about the 31 million being there for the first part of the deal that has several phases...certainly DD was done to make sure the money will be there.
      It appears this company is newly formed, so we dont know any experience they have or their plan to move forward. Also, what is the confidence for Chinese approval in 2014 and when ? Q1, Q4 ? I would think that the biggest threat would be the stealing of the tech.
      Clearly the deal is back end loaded for Cytori and our new partner gets to bail on the shares he is buying right away. Given where we are...Cytori had little leverage. They got the money and sold the shares above last years secondary. Right now I view this as a bridge to BARDA...hopefully Japanese progress and maybe a aesthetics partnership by year end.
      As more details emerge we will be able to judge further.

    • Meh, what you are saying is that Chris just risked everything for another couple of months of nonsense?

      It is more like a rich and smart Chinese man said, look, If I can sell this product and make $2.5B then I will give you a fifth of that, if not, then all I am losing is $2M, which BTW, I just made back selling some shares today.

      the Total Volume is big, This is just the start of many waves, I am not saying to the moon, but if Japan pays, which they should in a short time, then this is nothing, with BARDA and US government next... we are talking about A LOT MORE!

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      • The whole structure of the deal is extremely creative. What it might teach other biotech companies that have a relatively simple devise that's cutting edge and needs to be introduced into many hospitals is to find a distrubutor(s) with deep pockets and great ambition and have them be your upfront banker as well as your salesman. Usually the distributor is not as ambitious as this but then again this autologous adipose (your own fat) derived cell rei-nfusion, for heart disease, arterial diseases and dysfunctions, and even breast reconstruction, is a relatively easy procedure that can add years of life to people who would otherwise die of these arterial degenerative diseases and processes now common in the junk food, little exercise, high stress lifestyles that are taking over this planet.

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    • Neither does your girlfriend.
      You best get out while you can make $100

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    • what are you talking about, do your DD in an honest matter, the company is already getting an upfront tens of millions of bucks!! apart from the half a billion potential

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