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  • doctor_of_value doctor_of_value Mar 10, 2014 9:10 PM Flag

    Confidence building

    I haven't posted in a very long time, but I thought it might be appropriate to let the old timers know that I have never sold a single share and have been accumulating shares through being put the $2.50 put options. My "group" continues to add to their positions as long-term investors. While I do not have an accurate share count, I would estimate that my group owns well over 3 million shares. I stepped away from posting because management had completely lost all credibility (taking me down with them) and I was not going to support the story until the company secured a strategic partnership validating the "space." One could debate whether or not Lorem qualifies, so far it does not, in my opinion. Barda does qualify as would Astellas. Athena is key.

    As Franshei said, "this week will be interesting." I drove by the Astellas US HQ building at the corner of Lake Cook and I-294 last Friday. Nice building and a great company. Here's hoping!

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    • DoV what were your impressions related to the earnings call ?

    • Welcome back DOV.I like you have not been posting on board,but sitting on the sidelines watching the game.I have not sold a single share either.Been here since 2009 .This is the year for CYTX.Still watching & waiting.

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    • DOV, I have to laugh to myself with your posted today. Finally admitting CYTX management lost creditability with you. I had been telling you 3 years ago CYTX management was a joke!! Only three 3 years to realize this? Same management why would you have confidence in them now? Once a #$%$ always a #$%$!

    • DOV, we welcome you back with open arms. maybe with the old gang back the omen will push CC to think of the old time SH and keep us informed on something other than his own pocket, come on fas we need you.

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    • Mr Nagimori is now Chairman of AStellas. When Fujisawa bought Lyphomed in 2000/1999 ( I came to Lyphomed to join my classmate John Kapoor in 1998), Nagimori was not even around. Mr. Aoki and Juri Imanishi and Dr Honda were present. Then they all disappeared by the time I left in early 2000 to found SuperGen. Mr. Nagimori came around that time when we just left from Rosemount to Deerfield, next to Baxter. Mr. Nagimori was just a manager, replacing Juri, we met every day for about a year and I introduced him to Vestar to license in Ambisom. Nagimori's star rose very quickly from the rank of a manager (while I was a director of r/d) to Chairman of Astellas in less than 20 years. Amazing indeed. I still have his Christmas cards in my old file.

      Note: Look up John Kapoor-another amazing man who bought Lyphomed from Stone Containers for just $25,000.00 and turned it into a billion dollar company in just 10 years. After Lyphomed, his new company Option Care was another great success (Option Care has been bought by Walgreen recently).

    • DOV WElcome back.

      With your presence, CYTX will not be the same again.

    • ...nice to read...

    • Welcome back DOV! I think management needs to be pushed to give some colour and elaborate on the trial results on the 40 investigator lead studies. Furthermore where are the European clinics offering our cellution for approved indications?

    • Hey DOV, your re-arrival may just correspond to long awaited better times. I'm feeling good about the future now although I must admit that the delayed payment by Lorem had me wavering. What I see now is adipose cell therapies moving forward in the U.S. despite the risk of FDA intervention. Why? Because patient demand is overwhelming. Cytori is the only company positioned for approval in the U.S. for ADRC processing. Yet there so many clinics using inferior technology today. Overseas, we should start seeing a ramp up. BARDA is huge and there reason to be optimistic.


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    • Welcome back!

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