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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Mar 1, 2009 5:12 PM Flag

    Staying very long -

    gold/silver and Basic Earth Science Systems......this stock will do very well as the next move comes into play. We see the Baltic Dry Index moving up - over 200% in a short time. We see the mortgage plan about ready to come into play - this will be huge as right now home loans are our of reach of most is locked and shackled.....not good. Fear is king. Attitudes suck.......we are closer to depression than to recession. But watch by spring and things are going to change. As the unlocking occurs you will see commodities do what they do best in those times. I made a broad based play in that sector. Yes I was right on gold and still the best way to play is pure gold......but gold stocks are also moving up nicely. Basic did not enjoy a move during the oil frenzy but it will on the next move as it is much better positioned thanks to the smart conservative moves by Ray......hang tough kids. And don't be surprised if we now get Osama bin Laden - that too would drive the psychological market much higher. We could see a 30-40% jump in the markets very quickly. Gold is still looking at 1200-1500 in my opinion and that has not changed. Once there it could then go to 1700-2000 but I will be selling I do suspect before that. Good luck. Exploration is dropping......the scenario has not changed and I suspect this recovery will be for real and not based on a fraud housing boom that was very narrow in scope. Cash on the sidelines is many positives out there. I am now planning another/vacation home.........keep the faith kids and remember that this cleaning will be very good for America in the long run - I mean, did we really need all that scum and fraud. Clean it up and clean it out and move on. Obama is doing a good job so far and hopefully it will work. Boolean.

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