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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Sep 3, 2009 7:29 PM Flag

    Another call

    re Roubini - the word is he was long the S&P funds via Vanguard and others throughout the market collapse and throughout his call of economic doom - he reportedly was invested quite highly into stocks and when financial reporters tried to clarify this he would not respond......there have been so many guru's of the month/year and then poof - reality kicks them and their followers upside the head. Roubini has riding his worldwide fame like a rock band playing ever gig because they know it probably won't last. I bought the leveraged S&P and Russell 2000 right at the bottom and have been heavily invested in gold/silver the best performing asset class but hey - I am wrong as well so I don't expect to hit everything but my major calls are very good and the fact that my portfolio was not hit during this market collapse speaks volumes and my buy at the bottom has rocketed my portfolio much higher. Now, I have not been right on Basic - period.......not yet. With that said - I am pay-tient and willing to wait when the story is still there and my friend I say the story is still very much alive. Just type out: Ray Is One Of Us So We Are Not Alone - He Must Monetize His Investment In The Company So All We Need To Do Is Wait............bitch a little but WAIT. Thank You. Boolean.
    *The US Economy will not double dip - Roubini is calling for this in late 2010 to early 2011. He is wrong in my humble opinion and Dr. Doom will reverse this call in early to mid 2010.

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