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  • pumpedjunk pumpedjunk Sep 13, 2009 7:55 PM Flag

    The Game.


    The Game

    You will see anytime you attempt to question the fundamentals of a stock you will be labeled a basher.

    Pump crews do not need anyone planting seeds of doubt in the minds of the "low hanging fruit". This is how they make a living. They will get very nasty when you even suggest a particular stock might not be 10 bagger.

    The key is to get into the run quickly and get out before the pumpers can take your money. Shave their profit by being the first to sell into the run. NEVER hold an OTC or .pk stock EVER! Play the Mo, if you get your buy in soon enough, you will make profit.

    If you missed it DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES ON THE BOARD. It is NOT just consolidation, it is NOT flippers, it is NOT the MM's holding it down for a bigger run, etc... It is the vermin taking advantage of novice investors by telling you they are averaging down. They are not. They are liquidating their position and if you are buying to average down you are buying the very same shares they claim to be holding.

    DO NOT believe the biggest lie of all "This is the real deal" because it's not. The overwhelming vast majority of bulletin board and pink sheet pumped junk penny stocks are pump plays.

    THAT'S IT! Do not be suckered into being a bag holder.

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