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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher May 3, 2013 5:34 PM Flag

    OK - This is what I mean - MINIMAL TRADES and FLAT

    Ray -- you can't keep taking 650k a year and allowing shareholders to suck wind -- there comes a point when you have to perform FOR ALL INVOLVED and not your nest egg. We have eggs too -- baskets maybe. Even my AIG is running and that was a gut buy at the low -- most of my oils were up today. Come on Ray -- take a look around. I have been loading up on Freeport McMoran on its drop with a huge dividend -- it has risen already to nice win -- but Earthstone - Basic or whatever remains locked and loaded in the dirt. Obama has given the US a massive turn after the disaster of the Bush Years and the market is at all time highs and yet Earthstone has done nothing. You are making me look bad Ray -- sell the company or take it private - not a rip you off Michael Dell deal either. Had to say it - said it - feel better..........will move on. I think. Remain positive but a little p.o.'d now at this deal BUT I must say once I get to this point with a stock that I like it usually means REVERSAL Ray. Let's see what you got. Boolean

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    • We have been asking these same questions of this fool for years .. the stock never performs , the ceo never does #$%$ about making shareholders any gains .. the co. has no interested buyers EVER ..volumne is absolutely pathetic .. the stock goes nowhere no matter what is going on good or bad .. so why keep beating this dead f ... ing horse .. its never going to amount to anything that is exciting especially when the market is making all time highs and this cr...p just sits and does nothing . And he WILL keep sucking 650 k a yr. as long as he can keep this junk alive ..

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      • OK composer -- stay..........composed. Yes the stock has been a dud so far BUT Ray has definitely taken this company a long way since I came on board at 30 odd cents a share and was the only one here. I am a supporter of Ray BUT I am starting to get a little annoyed with the under performance BUT......many small oils have remained under performers SO it is not all his fault. Oil prices have dropped and the smaller companies have take it on the chin while my Chevron just keeps rocking upward no matter what. I am frustrated but I also realize that there are reasons why it is where it is and it isn't ALL Ray's fault. But since he is taking off 650k for himself I do feel that is a little steep since everyone else is sucking wind here - INCLULDING MYSELF. I am a solid investor but this stock has been one of a few dismal performers in the greatest bull market of our time. But when I get this p.o.'d about a company it usually means better times are coming sooner than later. Now with that point noted -- perhaps I will find that Ray has a way of breaking that historical pattern and then I will be annoyed. So - let's see where we are in one month TOPS.......more likey THREE WEEKS. I plan to do some serious gut checking on this stock as I plan what to do with it --- you can not fall in love with a stock nor can you allow it to pin you against the investment wall of hope and delusion. I will see what I should do and act accordingly soon. Boolean.

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