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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Jun 22, 2013 1:08 PM Flag

    Prepare Thy Self 4 The Second Coming

    well - a bit over stated but.........this market sell off is a BUY opportunity and I am adding on Monday as I did on Friday -- this Bernanke sell off is full of it - just a reason to sell a retrace and in no portends a reversal of the trend. I say - BUY IT. I also say INFRASTRUCTURE is going to be a massive theme pushing up all commodities and infrastructure players --- this is also a sector that has seen its share of pain so they are ripe to rise. The doldrums of summer are going to be point you look back on and wish you saw it as a BUY and not a GOOD BYE. Also - GOLD -- GOLD makes major reversals in June - historically that is what happens and I say GOLD will bottom this month in the 1200's and then rise sharply to perhaps 1800-2000 or more and I would say more is indeed more like it. You see leveraged etf's for gold miners just obliterated and that is where I am going -- casino money perhaps but I have to play it - hit new lows this week. I have been buying very small positions as the potential for this drop was there but I also did not want to miss it so I play it by taking small positions towards my target position - 10-20% at a time so I can average down as potentially (and it has occurred) the case. Mr. Market is a wily beast and fun to have as an enemy for sure. Good luck and Ray -- don't forget the SHAREHOLDERS. You are taking the big pay check from US and you have to WORK FOR US and not just yourself. Boolean

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