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  • true_truth true_truth Aug 28, 2013 12:16 PM Flag

    OIL HITS $111/BBL. TODAY--Assad in his bunker for a few days

    Looks like the well publisized raid on Syria scheduled for tomorrow is raising the price due to what Iran may do. Wall Street OP Ed points out that we are telling everyone what we will hit, and when because this is more symbolic than meant to really deter or cause any harm to the Syrians. We even told them to move their helicopters before Thursday#$%$ on the airfields. Funny, but that's worse than telegraphing a punch
    and letting the other guy know if it gonna be a right or left.

    Pretty Stupid to put US servicemen in harms way for something this cockeyed. When you pull a gun,
    you should be shooting to kill, not to make the opponent madder and stir up the hive.

    Waste of men and women, and taxpayer funds for political BS.

    We ought to instead be sending in a special forces hit team to the palace to dispose and depose
    Assad. At least the sacrifice of lives and money may mean something then.

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    • yeah - Bush and Cheney would have bombed by now indiscriminately and thrown in the military without the proper armour or intell or care during or after the war...........and then gone into a country that was not even the culprit. Is why of course that they were totally ostracized by the Republican party and sent off into hiding now. You can tell someone the hand you plan to play but not play it or play it differently - it is all brinksmanship my man. Sit back - you have no idea what is really going on nor do I. Boolean

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