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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Sep 6, 2013 5:56 PM Flag

    I will stay focused on what is important

    in the macro sense and not try to take issue with the micro aspects -- there are always trade-offs and give backs and a tip of the hat to someone you are not all that fond of is the better path. I am BULLISH ON AMERICA and as I have been saying it will be AMERICA will drive the world back to prosperity - it will return to greatness and leadership in the marketplace. Amercian ingenuity and pride makes us gut it out and innovate and elevate and never deviate from that goal. We are BACK. The US market will rise stronger as will gold. The market is beginning to broaden out and Mr. Market will reward those companies who are strong and getting stronger - like Earthstone. For me - this is a no brainer investment flying under the radar but it will not last as Mr. Market will find it. Just look at the growth of this company and our financial situation. It has not been a perfect world for sure as far as the stock price but Ray has not wagered all our hopes on one or two wells or deals -- he has built it up slowly and cautiously.....minimizing risk for the greater reward in the future. Sure things could still go south on us but........I DON'T THINK SO. We are no poised to benefit from the Macro forces driving the USA and the world. Most small to mid cap oils are down - do your own dd to look at it. Plus we have a stock here with a share count that makes the big boys shy away. This is our game........the little guy. The small float will in time prove to be a great asset and when we are bought out -- which we will be -- we will smile a mile. My point - BE THERE. Boolean

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