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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Sep 8, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

    When I read this release it make me think of one thing

    my youngest brother - he will date a gal and then all of a sudden come out with statement like -- " Oh I love your but I just think we need to break if off for now and then add a bunch of other good stuff and then........maybe two weeks later...........there is another car in his driveway as he had found a new flame so he averaged up and dumped the old one and then the two week hiatus = a new room-mate until..........he is bored or sidetracked or whatever and then the story hits again. Well - this is really the first time that Ray has sounded like this and I think he is very very sure that they are going to hit this one or he has another one that is looking solid ---- I will bet that we have some good news coming within two weeks TOPS --- just like my brother. Ray you sly dog you. Don't forget - I am very good at reading people as that is my profession and expertise ---- I say I will be right that good news will be coming..................Boolean
    * Also any one who wants to read what happens when a well does not produce right away there are excellent primers out there - even the one from Kansas Geological is very good - pictures and all. That said, true does a good job of laying it out for you as well but this will give you a more defined review.

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    • This is an example of why the quarterly earnings report should be considered as only one aspect of the value and progress of the company.

      One thing that ought to be clear about Nebraska. It is a drain on current earnings and probably all financial statements for at least the next year.

      Yet the same thing could have been said when Earthstone was lining up all those leases on the Banks Field. They had administrative costs in analyzing the properties, eventually invested some capital and now those leases are producing.

      It may be quite a while before Nebraska shows tangible results, or maybe it even ends up a bust. But right now it shows some future potential, that’s an intangible that will not be reflected in near term EPS or the balance sheet.

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