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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Feb 27, 2014 9:04 PM Flag

    OK - The Red Road

    NOW - you saw Taser run today -- glad I held it into earnings and yesterday mercadolibre up strong and now earnings just came out and they too BEAT........up 9-10 after hours. Earthstone making a short term base b-4 they run up to 24-26 and we will see the 30's. Overall market status still positive. Did buy Luby's/lub on a turn around buy ---- we shall see. good luck and stick with me -- we are in really good shape. Boolean

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    • Boolean.......put USEG on your list . Buda wells cost $ 3 million , payback in 3 months , 5 weeks to drill & hookup , & 300,000 EUR's .

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      • USEG makes an interesting comp, because just like Earthstone it is a non operator of oil wells holding a minority interest in most of its properties. USEG has fifteen employees wheres Earthstone has fourteen employees.

        From an earnings aspect, USEG has about twice the quarterly revenues, but has continually lost money for years. Part of its problem is a much higher depletion rate and production costs than Earthstone so the gross profit percentage is much less. Administratively, USEG has five highly compensated executives, whereas Earthstone has only Ray. USEG also has owned a corporate aircraft.

        There are mixed comparisons in evaluating the properties. While the companies’ BOE is about the same, USEG has more than twice the value of PV-10. USEG book value of those reserves is almost four times as much as Earthstone. Conclusion…Earthstone has much higher ROI properties.

        Final note: USEG has three analysts following the stock, ESTE no analysts.

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