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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Mar 6, 2014 7:42 PM Flag

    Stock is still

    UNDER THE RADAR - it is still BELOW ITS TRUE a lot. This will not continue and we will see that jump to 25-26 soon. I still firmly believe that we will be in the 30's as we roll through the year and the next Q will continue our positive performance and I fully expect Ray to ramp up the press releases. I have not called him yet but I know he looks at these pages -- how can you not. I continue to recommend that he do a STOCK DIVIDEND to shareholders and I would recommend that it be restricted to those shareholders WHO ARE NOT PART OF MANAGEMENT. I believe that would be a further showing of the totally shareholder centric nature of this team. There was good news on another of my micro plays -ntn buzztime. Buffalo Wild Wings is really rolling it out as I had bet and this could be massive for THE BUZZ. Back to Earthstone - it is a super buy and its cheap valuation will become even more valuable as the market expands. My suggestion - Be There. Boolean

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    • Boolean,

      I don't understand why you think a stock dividend is so great? It does zippo to increase value,
      and if there is more stock float, it may take some pop out of any upwards move. I'd rather have the low
      float and more pop. Not a dampner on the pop.

      Earthstone needs every bit of its cashflow to invest, and pay AFE's, so a cash dividend is also not
      a good idea nor financially rewarding vs. ROI on that same cash invested in projects.

      Don't get it. The only thing that makes sense for Earthstone right now is to invest all of its cash in drilling,
      and to raise EPS, not shares. Focus on Net income, both revenues and from the GXA side.

      And by the way, issuing more shares will just depress EPS and share price, and then all you have is
      the hope that more shares keeps you equal in theory. The last thing Earthstone needs to do
      as EPS rise, is to obfuscate that fact by diluting the EPS with more shares. That ruins the pattern
      it is beginning to establish, and anaylists and the public then will have a harder time seeing the
      growth that is starting to occur.

      I believe you know how a I feel about obfuscation, and why........ If I need to tell you and spell it out, I can.

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      • I fully agree with the cash dividend - NO WAY. The Stock Dividend TO OUTSIDE SHAREHOLDERS ONLY (not management) will not do a great deal to drop the stock's value - smart investors all know it does nothing to the value of your holdings. It will add a little liquidity (yes jump the float a bit) however AND it will prove to be another shareholder centric act by Ray. I see no downside and yes I considered whether it would "confuse" or "obfuscate" investors but smart investors will all know what has happened and what it means and I really don't want the uninformed investing here just to boost the stock for a short time. I want strong hands with smart investor sense as that will lead to less volatility and stronger stock price appreciation. But........I know where you are coming from as I have been there as I moved down the decision tree on that recommendation. But whatever -- this stock is solid and we have to love that. Boolean

    • So what will sales and eps be for the FYE ending March 31, 2015? I've got some ideas, but most people who don't follow the stock closely wouldn't know.

      That's the value of a published analyst estimate. It's an independent source to show where this company's earnings are going. It would IMO greatly help bring this company back from UNDER THE RADAR.

    • realinvestmentstrategies realinvestmentstrategies Mar 6, 2014 10:46 PM Flag

      I feel pretty good about ESTE's prospects. With the recent sales growth, it's getting closer to justifying an analyst following and that would bring the company out from UNDER THE RADAR.

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