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  • bayshorerob3 bayshorerob3 Oct 28, 2010 8:41 PM Flag

    VSCP Trading Sessions Until November 11-12

    Trying to piece together the excitement of the week. There appears to be a consensus on this Message Board that the coupling of technicals with the PPD alliance news has propelled this stock.

    I am wondering that in addition to the above, if anticipation of third quarter earnings is also serving to propel VSCP and if so, will it carry over into next week's trading sessions?

    Any thoughts?

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    • very small resistance at 1.36- but we may BLAST right through that Friday is my take. Next resistance around 2.20 If this catches fire with the momentum players the sky is the limit. Sounds silly but I've seen stocks like this get overbought to $10.00 to $12.00 / share and fall back down to reasonable levels. Say 2.50 to 3.00 share

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      • Stops.Taken:

        I agree with your assessment of VSCP. Once a fire is ignited under a superbly undervalued stock that has nothing but upside potential, anything can happen. VSCP certainly fits that mold. And like you and over my 40+ years in this game, I've seen some stocks that have literally and instantly gone through the roof once a shift in investor sentiment is put into place. Frankly, that scares me when it happens. I would be much more content to see VSCP rising in a steady but yet paced manner over time. Those abrupt spikes that you allude to typically and ultimately will disappoint shareholders when reality brings them tumbling back down to more reasonable levels in a big hurry. In any event, its going to be a lot of fun to watch VSCP over the next few trading sessions. My guess is that these shares will rise in the days/weeks/months ahead to the $2.00 to $3.00 level.

        You and I have to be very careful as to what we say here as some of the folks at this chatboard could easily call us "pumpers". And I've already been seen in that light by one person here. In reality, we are just expressing our past experience in this jungle called the stock market.

        Cheers and good investing,

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