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  • retiredtechie retiredtechie Apr 22, 2011 4:33 AM Flag

    RT To Vcfundllc And Antwan_Rockamoora: My Reply To Your Questions

    Vcfundllc and Antwan_Rockamoora:

    I've been away on family matters the last couple of days. Here is my responce to your questions.

    Before I get started with my response, I would like to say that the two of you along with a number of others here are very obviously "shorting" VSCP, and in the process, you are doing a pretty darn good job of twisting and distorting the true facts that apply to this company. Just know that your scare tactics here are not going to work into the longer term because your comments here will ultimately be seen as fictitious by the investment community once the next few quarterly reports come into view.

    Responding to your questions and for starters, your assertion surrounding gross margins is out in left field - - - its bogus. VSCP is not at the 40% gross margin level. Its significantly higher. Take a look at the Q4/2010 report for detail surrounding current gross margins. The direction of gross margins will see further improvement through 2011 and into 2012 on increased revenue flow as the result of the recent PPD alliance.

    Your assertion that VSCP's growth rate is light compared to risk is simply false. The company has shown outstanding growth in revenue the past couple of years in the range of 25% to 40% and the likelyhood of further improvement given the effects of the PPD alliance are truly outstanding. As for investor risk at this point given the current share price ($1.88), I consider that to be a non-issue. The operational fundamentals for VSCP more than strongly support the current share price. Anything under $2.00/share is a screaming bargain from my standpoint. I own 50,000 shares at $1.67/share and I expect to take my investment to the "Promised Land". I have no doubt these shares will have a value of $10.00 to $12.00 within the next 12 to 24 months. Based on projections from the Q4/2010 report, conference call and my own investigation, fiscal year 2011 will be a very "strong" year for VSCP. Those who think otherwise are going to find they are on the wrong side of the tracks.

    For those that don't understand what this company is all about, I would like to suggest for starters that you/they read the "profile" that Yahoo has assembled on VSCP. Additionally, CEO Jeff Markin in his February, 2011 corporate overview presents an excellent slide presentation that fully decribes the operational character of the company. That can be found within the VSCP website. Very basically, the company with the help of the University of Rochester has developed software which is highly automated and its quantitative analysis driven vs. conventional qualitative radiologist analysis driven which gives VSCP a leading edge advantage in many ways over other companies in their space. Its used for managing all aspects of imaging services within clinical trials from proof of concept to Phase IV. It allows for very precise measurements within trials with a reduced number of subjecrs for shorter periods of time vs trials run with conventional analysis. This is why 12 of the top 15 pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical device companies are using VSCP software. Its also one reason why VSCP competitors are losing market share to VSCP.

    Of the 17 stocks that I own within the micro cap healthcare space, VSCP is one of my top favorites for excellent capital appreciation going forward. I expect the 2nd half of 2011 to be a real eye opener for invetors as the effects of the PPD alliance become fully implemented. VSCP gets a very "strong buy" rating from me using a "long term" investment approach.

    Cheers and good investing,

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    • I'd say RTs argument of $1.88 being a good entry point is holding up nicely (for whomever purchased shares below $2.00)...I'm in at $1.60, and have nothing negative to say re: VSCPs pps progress back into the low $2's. Good luck to all, but especially VSCP!

    • You are trying to get productive people to play into your very, very amateurish little, tiny hustle. Bad form scum.

      What's a "chatboard(er)"?

    • Antwan_Rockamoora:

      That's oaky, Buster. Your personal attacks on me will lead you nowhere. Everyone knows the truth about you. Your postings within the archives of this chatboard give the best clue about you and your intentions. You are nothing more than a "short" at this chatboard and I dare say you are feeling somewhat uncomfortable now given your latest barage as directed at me this evening. You might as well give up at this chatboard and find yourself another playground where the unsuspecting chatboarder is willing to consume your garbage and will play into your scheme.

      Cheers and good investing,

    • RT-

      I put him on ignore a while ago. He feeds off this stuff. He's not worthy of a response...the more you respond, the more he'll blather on. In psychology, there's a concept called The Extinction Principle....if you ignore something long enough, it goes away :-)

    • You are a looter and a moocher. Your stock here dives and you're MIA. First you blame family matters, then you say you were sick. You are sick alright. You are not a retired techie, or any kind of a techie. This is a software company, and you have nothing technical to say about it. You just repeat "Read the 10Q" in every post. BTW, what is a "chatboard"? An original techie ought to have something interesting to say.

    • Antwan_Rockamoora:

      Anyone with an IQ over 50 would recognize you as a basher first class, second class and third class. Anyone who continues to persist with negative comments like yours simply can't be taken seriously. Know your time here is being spent in a most un-productive manner. You are not kidding anyone at this chatboard. Your days here are numbered. This stock belongs to the longs and our support will come from quarterly reports that will strongly show that VSCP is taking market share away from others in this particular space while others languish. You might as well give it up, Buster - - - find yourself another playground.

      Cheers and good investing,

    • it does if you think there is a correlation between the rubbish they post and the price action of the!....apparently their masters think it works.....otherwise why pay them to do it? Crazy imho...

    • VSCP is a service company. Customers don’t use its software per se. Clients deliver images to VSCP, they are analyzed using the proprietary software exclusive to VSCP, and analysis data is then delivered to the customer. They also generate revenue by training imaging sites on how to capture acceptable images for analysis.
      No, I no longer have a position in VSCP, but it is still on my ticker. I hope they do well in the future. Whether you’re long or short on this stock, everyone is speculative…
      “The direction of gross margins will see further improvement through 2011 and into 2012 on increased revenue flow as the result of the recent PPD alliance.”
      Someone’s crystal ball told him this I guess. Wish I had one.

      • 1 Reply to higley2002us
      • higley:

        As one other poster here tonight alluded, the bashers are comparing apples to oranges as they zero in and pound on the VSCP margin matter. As you say, VSCP is not your typical software company. They don't sell software to end users. They generate analytical data for their customers (pharmaceuticals etc.) using their own University of Rochester developed software. Its a whole different type of software ballgame. I would like to encourage you to come aboard with us. Buy yourself some VSCP shares and watch this stock mature in value with the rest of us over time. Your support here could be very useful to those of us who are employing a long term investment strategy.

        Cheers and good investing,

    • RT: at their last investor conference, Molly Henderson stated that their gross margin was 40%. Watch the webcast, and you will see that is confirmed. For a software company, that is extremely low, and implies there is something drastically wrong with what they are presenting to investors.

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      • pcmillh678:

        You are nothing more than a basher here along with the others and your aim is to talk this stock down. If you think so negatively about this stock, why are you lingering at this chatboard?

        For those that want to get a good clue about VSCP and their forward operations under the PPD alliance, I highly suggest that you listen to the Needham webcast/VSCP presentation of April 6th. That webcast will give you a positive viewpoint of what is happening within VSCP. Again, I'm a strong advocate of buying and accumulting these shares for a long term hold. I see excellent capital gain appreciation ahead for those who apply patience.

        Cheers and good investing,

    • RT.....what are you trying to do? Give good fundamental reasons for your (and my) belief in the potential for growth in VSCP? Cripes....what a novelty! May 9th will give some evidence of the the effect of the PPD alliance and the second part of the year will build on it. We need to bring down the cost bringing drugs to market and increase the efficacy of interventions for high cost, life threatening health challenges, and VSCP has the potential to do both. We'll let the ANT Rocks of the world take all the pot shots....I like making money from companies that can positively impact people's lives. SRZ was (and is) one.... I also like, and am invested in, what OCLS is doing, and have a smaller investment in SLP. Have a meaningful Easter weekend.

      • 1 Reply to DueDiligence1_98
      • DueDiligence:

        Yes, the real story of VSCP will be told as the next few quarterly reports come into view - - - with special emphasis focused on the Q3 and Q4 periods which will bring the full impact of the the newly formed PPD alliance clearly into view. VSCP is going experience a "strong" year of growth in revenue and earnings and other chatboard posters and viewers need to take "our" view of the situation very seriously if they want to put serious money in their pcokets. On the other hand, they need to brush aside those comments made by the very coy and cute posters here who are "shorting" and are clearly attempting to talk this stock down for their own benefit. They need to know their effort is destined to fail as the truth here will completely over shadow their distorted and intentionally mid-guided postings.

        On another note, yes, SRZ will continue to peform to the upside. We are just beginning to see the re-emergence of growth given recent events. SRZ and VSCP represent my one/two punch within my 17 stock micro cap healthcare portfolio. And, yes, OCLS and SLP are two more that are among my favorites. DRAD is getting quite a lot of my attention at this point too as is TSON and NEOP.

        Here is wishing you all the best and may the Easter weekend be meaningful to you as well.

        Cheers and good investing,

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