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  • yags_2001 yags_2001 Jan 11, 2013 2:19 PM Flag

    About a month to go before delisting.....

    hoping VSCP gets some good news soon, or she is off the exchange, or perhaps they can make a compelling case to stay.......we will see....soon....:D

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    • I view this as good news. Surely the management is smart enough to know not to have it go to pink sheets. The only reason I see for not doing the reverse split is if good news is on the horizon. Watch the volume. There should be a pickup before they announce.

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    • Yags, If my memory serves me correctly, during the second quarter conference, Molly Henderson mentioned the consideration of doing a reverse split. If that were to occur now, VSCP would be selling at 7 dollars and would hit certain analysts' radars who only look at stocks $5 and above....IMVHO

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      • bayshorerob3,
        A reverse split will increase PPS but revenues will not support the new PPS. The PPS will sink back down to .70-.90 cents a share after the reverse split. I think VSCP off the exchange would be healthy for the company because it gives VSCP room to grow in order to get back on the exchange. Remember, VSCP only has about 30 million shares outstanding. That is nothing compared to many other companies out there. I hope VSCP comes to its senses and buys their on stock in order to increase the PPS to at least 1 dollar.

        Then, there is Merck. Merck can easily buy enough shares to put the company in good standing, after all, Merck has substantial investment in the company. Merck should protect there investment here including the ravaging of the University of Rochester.


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      • bay, I sure hope they don't do a R/S....I'm hoping for some news they were predicting before the end of Q4 will soon be announced.....interesting price action today it appears they are slowly creeping back towards that $1 mark just in time to avoid delisting....if this happens without news, then there is no doubt in my mind this stock is being manipulated by some loser least they don't deploy goofy message board idiots to try to sway investor opinion.....:D

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