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  • stillinshock stillinshock Sep 3, 2008 3:21 PM Flag

    Holdin the HAWKs nose in it---------

    And thats what it takes, Brass. Little guys have a much harder time makinig money on companies such as this. You do not get to drink until the big dogs have satisfied their thurst. Its your money they take by manipulation. I don't have the Brass I'm afraid, I sold and will wait for better economic results.

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    • don't blame you for stepping aside for awhile-----I would have sold to buy back in lower, but it dropped so fast yesterday, there wasn't time to hit the sell button! LOL

      I've done that a lot on the way down from 50, so now I can at least know it is late in the cycle now, and winter season will soon be here.....NG will go up along with oil. Goldman Saks knows something about the price of oil headed up soon-----and reiterated their target of $145-ish again today.

      China is about to start up all the factories in earnest steel, copper, gold, oil, etc......head back UP!

      They will gin up the whole Asian sector again..........pushing commodities back towards old highs........I think the US should export LNG from all these shale plays to China, if our govt is too dumb to find a way to use it!