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  • BobB743 BobB743 Sep 4, 2008 12:55 PM Flag


    As an investor whom in the past enjoyed sharing truthful information about companies on the message boards, I have watched over the past year how they have degenerated to the point where 98% of posts are links to political messages, pornography, genital enhancement, or even worse battles between longs and shorts - neither of which has any knowledge of investment analysis.

    Today's MEBO (typified by the likes of HK, ACAS and perhaps the worst of all - CSCO)is a running battle of insults, name calling and libelous statements made by individuals normally long or short one hundred, or a few hundred shares. Their only concern is to one-up each other, or to wish for natural disasters that might result in a one or two point move in either direction. I will admit that from time to time I have been sucked into this vortex of worthless prattle.

    Judging by the timing and number of posts made, it is clear that the majority of these individuals have no lives, little hope, or are stealing from their employers by spending company time posting.

    Unfortunately, Yahoo seems to condone the garbage being posted as they opt to leave the MEBO's operative.

    If posters only realized that the total financial resources represented on each board cannot move a stock a quarter in either direction, and that the vast majority of posts are no more than blatant lies that are not believed by anyone they would opt for other, more rewarding pursuits - or just go back to work.

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    • Amen - well said.

      I do my best to ignore the crazy ones in here, both those in disguise or the clearly apparent ones.

    • Bob,

      Good post and so true. I picture most of these people as probably 18-20 years old, high school graduates, that work nights as a stockboy at the grocery store and play with their $200 weekly paychecks during the day.

      Yahoo has gone downhill big time over the years, for sure. The only thing I know to do here is to put almost everybody on ignore. Even though I'm a long on HK, I don't mind "thoughtful, intelligent" posts from the other point of view - but it's extremely rare to find a short that can say anything but "the sky is falling" or "the stock will be $5 by tomorrow!"

      There is a very good Investor Village forum on HK, but it appears to be having some technical problems this week. Most posts on that board have some useful information and it's kind of a contest to see how many "recommends" you can get - which means most posters try to do a little homework before posting and tend to post things that are of value.

      There's very little hope for this board. Even the day-trading days of 1999-2000 had better posts than now on Yahoo.

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      • As I see it, the sad truth is that it's more often than not a stock's LONGS who wind up detracting from the general quality of discourse. People who think their stocks are THA BOMB and they are permabulls believing the shares are meant to appreciate on a one-way street to Heaven.

        The very minute someone posts any contrary outlooks or opinions, you see the permabulls and permaPOSTERS coming out and growling with the usual "Shortie" allegations, et al assertions. To the point of Vehemancy because they (longs) have some sort of Compulsion to DEFEND the stock's investment merits...and refusing to want to acknowlede any Bear-sided case.

        Nevermind recession as ANY possibility. "Markets only go UP in OUR stock, buddy," permabulls infer. "Who cares if a vicious downtrend ensues?", they say, "for we are here for the Long haul!" Naturally, that means new, higher highs are INEVITABLE in the minds of *lemmings* who insist, "STFU and come back next year!"

        Sure, HK is a GREAT company and a GREAT stock pick for potentially stellar capital appreciation. What the hell's more to be said, for posters to share, regarding HK's fabulous fundamental story. Pretty likely that most who pass through here have reasonable familiarity. So, should this simply be a back-slapping forum for only those who own shares and are pretty much in agreement on mostly *everything* pertaining to the stock? That's what you WILL see at that Investor Village site.

        Sorry that boards are _invaded_ by what must be "anti-American" people who realize that stocks can actually trend DOWNWARD, too. Gee, wouldn't it be terrible if the world saw such an unexpected slowdown that HK Gives back nearly all its run from the mid-teen$. Quite possible. And if so, are you, patrick and others to be consoled by the compelling valuation parameters that will dominate the reassurances and reiterations WAY more than is seen now???

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