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  • insttrader2 insttrader2 Jan 26, 2011 7:36 AM Flag

    Larry, Accident Tests for New Rods

    It is crazy I have to find this on the net but ....

    Mac these appear to be the tests that Feinroth wanted to see, the evidence needed or at least a prerequisite to licensing from the NRC. But not really sure.

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    • Thanks Insta, it's a very interesting document. I scoured the Internet a few years ago but couldn't find anything about the testing.

      So this looks like the old Th seed and blanket rods. So they are safe, great. Question is, how good is their performance if the zirconium all-metal rods were suggested? Are the Th s-b rods still marketable? If not, how long will testing take on the all-metal rods? I haven't studied all the materials out there, but it seems we are still many years away from commercial usage. Am I missing something that would indicate that either the Th s-b rods are still marketable, or that the all-metal rods don't need to cause some of the testing to be redone?

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      • Larry, all very good questions and I would suggest you listen to the CC and ask them or put them in writing to Seth I have been struggling with these questions as well. I am not sure whether with the work done at the I8 Test Reactor licensing can take place first inside Russia. Another good question would be what happened to the testing of the SUB in a civilian commercial reactor. The latest date for this was 2013 and nothing has been mentioned for years. If you guys want lets put a list of questions together and forward them to Seth. If you all want to do this then I will make my list and perhaps Sean can email Seth with this list coming from the Yahoo Message Board.

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