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  • escobarhopping escobarhopping Jan 4, 2013 12:22 PM Flag

    Super Sorry?

    Ya really busy this time of year. We wanna go south for Easter so will have to work extra hard to do that.
    Thank you you’re a nice person Super and need not feel apologetic. CD says its “flat out” because of alias’s .Which is flat out garbage. If “you follow his threads” this was his tone before any alias. When I started reading here months ago, there was lots of joking around ….the way guys mess with each other. On the surface it seemed good natured but I sensed a sort of hierarchy or pecking order…where CD got messed with more than others. Maybe I imagined that but it was my impression. You know girls get their feelings hurt (more than a guy does) so I probably projected that on him and maybe it didn’t even bother him. I felt a little bad for him. I kinda went out of my way to be nice to him because of that. Not sure what happened with CD with regard to me but I do know “when” it happened… and it was before any alias

    He might be jealous of you..…or maybe it is the Liberache thing like you said. The Escobarhopping id was a joke because of your Escobar story…that’s the only other id I used. Just did it to have fun and I knew the few who even post here would know who it was. I read his posts with vague references to me paving a way for Devil with rose petals? Then think…he has a wild imagination and too much time on his hands perhaps. I chose to just not to post about it until now….feels like I don’t have a choice but to respond.

    I’m always rushing and my posts could be clearer sorry about that. I don’t always understand all posts either fwiw. This one I took a little time with. I appreciate the stock info exchange with you Super… consider you a friend…. and this boards a convenient spot to drop a quick note to you. I usually sign on here and LOL and most of what I read. Pretty funny people…it was entertaining. It seems like I’m cramping someones style …or the dynamic here isn’t right that’s not what I want…. Plus I can just email you and schedule a root canal if I miss the pain :)

    So there it is… pretty clear…tried not to rush

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    • Come on up! ............(Dont go Lola!!!!!!!!.........without you Mark will have to wear the wonder woman costume again this year......source "Penny from the Big Bang Theory")
      Hierarchy? Hahha.....I could come up with alot of material with that one! Any scenarion has Froggy at the bottom of the pecking order!
      I got messed with alot in the day, but with me it only incourages my stupidity.....the most messed with I think was poor Jim by my dad.
      Then Mr. T...again by my dad, and so forth mostly by my Dad.....

      Mac kicks people off his lawn alot too........

      Jealous of me? The fry Cook! I knew it! They all yearn to hear the golden sizzling of taters....but who wouldn't I ask.......

      Well I hope you post again, I am going to apologize for CD more often now......

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