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  • bullahoop bullahoop Jan 9, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

    Super..There is a monkey

    I need to find for a vile of his blood.maybe? ..its flu season.. a spectacular powerful strain this year.. so far I am resisitant...

    Captain Nurse's log day 3 the virus has taken over the ship everyone is delirious speaking jibberish klingon

    ...I hope Mike T doesn't get it, become crazy with fever and hit the sell button

    ...why couldn't a person just even look at AMRN..,weeks ago...(AMRN is a stock)

    ...Oh My Gosh!!!!! I am almost non baggie status in NAVB!!!

    ..I am thinking positive thoughts about the Friday appt...I always do that too...and like a priestess of self actualization preaching to all

    ...remember when your kids were little? did they ever burst in your room at 3 am while you and Mrs Super snoozed cozy and defenseless and throw up on you?...I APOLOGIZE for the graphic depiction.did you ever find yourself scrubbing dorritos out of berber at 3:30 am? ...good times

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    • Poop, Pee, Vomit...been ther...done have 1, we had 3
      These r the good tmes girl! The more the better!!!!!

      stop fixing meals for the kid, escobar probaly dove off cliffs into the water and caught his own crabs when he was a kid....

      humm......doritos? that should stain nicely.Bwhahahhahaahah

      No, you have it wrong, you need posative thoughts on long term, consistantly that a stock?

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