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  • frog_belly1 frog_belly1 Jan 14, 2013 1:35 AM Flag

    Easte's google "flu trends" and Jim and Mac the commuter and all


    Be way cautious this bug is bad. You most likley already know. I consider you all friends and would really be saddened if anything happened to any of you.
    The innoculations "help" but are not making anyone bullet proof. I know you are all big boys and girls
    I'm just...........a big something. I'm going to say a bronze age prayer for all. ;-)
    Stay thirsty my friends.


    This topic is deleted.
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    • Captain nurse's log week 2 round 2 after a brief respite the younger crew has brought a new virus to the ship..I am still resistant so far...there is a HIGH actual thermal smell ...

      ...if you can't abandon your ship get a hazmat type suit its bad hope all are well

      ....Esco is well thk God he can work we need the health insurance obviously.
      He bought a 1988 SS Monte Carlo it has T tops!!! I couldn't stop laughing....and thinking how cool...
      ...for sure I told him how cool he is can fit like 3 or 4 bodies in the trunk
      ..I work from home our carbon footprints offsett

      ...Frog what is BVF? Bold victorious frog..?
      ...Super did you see the daily LTBR routine post? Gosh my daily LTBR routine is way different
      Post about clsn
      Post about stuff about me nobody cares about
      Make a drink
      Read my post
      Read my post again

      ...hi CD just say hi to me..doesn't the 60 day trial get me a Haaalow Lola?

      ..better days are comin Super

      ..stayin thirsty


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      • Tired Bulla..........been working hard
        stayin thirsty? Drink mo'

        CD.....he's afraid your gonna cry if he picks on you.....

        I apologize

        reading your post from bottom too top............

        humm...lotza that!!!!! How people in the rest of the world are, How people right around us are, Space exploration, Ugly people, VRNG, any cylist other than Lance Armstrong, Things in the Frig, What you "used to do", old electronics, well thats enough...

        CLSN today taught people who has Ballzzz and who doesnt have ballzzzzz

        On a cold down day I long for victory in the short future, may well all enjoy many Zoommmmmmmssss (Pattent Rights SPB)

        I had one of those....87 I think

        Hope Mini-Esco is better.........

    • I got my shot and have been hiding out in the lab, Ruby Ridge style.

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