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  • cdjrth1 cdjrth1 Jan 28, 2013 8:22 AM Flag

    We've had our Fun with Ltbr...Time to get Serious???

    In the news today.
    I have not been following the presentations.
    Jimlam, baba..Anyone with up to date info care to make a case.

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    • news from the un-expected their best hope....

      like barrack saying the "T" word......

    • What news?

      The only event I can see on the horizon affecting LTBR is that Russia will stop down-blending HEU from warheads this year and 50% of the supply chain for reactor uranium will dry up almost instantly. This will drive the price of yellow cake up, uranium mining stocks should respond to this, but I have no idea about what time scale we would be talking about there. If reactor operators sense that fuel prices are about to start climbing based on a decrease in supply, then core efficiency becomes more important to them and LTBR might have another reason to rise.

      That is about as serious as I can get about LTBR, not sure if it is what you were asking for....never am.

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      • VRNG isn't a competitor with LTBR in the pump/dump market? That's news to me too.

        Every miner and follower of Uranium knows of the next 6 month's change in the Russia/USEC deals. And the price changes in anticipation have been "muted". So, I do not expect much of a boost from that for the price of LTBR or Uranium. Perhaps the miners have already built up inventory to meet this "demand surge"? UEC seems to be claiming production above its sales and there seems to be more capacity shuttering than enhancing nowadays.

        The only thing that I have seen was that the last pitch distributed by LTBR looked the most professional yet (still, it had its share of typos!). And I recently saw a story that Malaysia seems serious about starting up a program. (I even wanted to start one myself.) So, we might get a nibble.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • they are adding 2 brothers...gonna be 7 guys!!!!!
        gonna make bigger burgers

      • Bonjur Mac....jamais ne sont

        After re-reading the Pump release on Seeking Profits--Not News-- the Idiot contributor-"Prime Equity Research" has identified VRNG as a competitor to LTBR.
        Seeking Alpha also has identified --Can you believe this?-a contributor who has been submitting articles under numerous alias pumping Biotec stocks--CLSN among them.

        Is Social Media now gone the way of AP and UPI censorship and mind control?

        Is REd CHip our only viable source of information.

        Now you can't believe everything you read on the NET!

        p.s. Thanks for the reminder on the warhead material.

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