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  • cdjrth1 cdjrth1 Feb 1, 2013 10:35 PM Flag

    The S-----Factor


    Hey Hoop, Do you have a watch?

    The younger crowld always opts for the 3 to 11 shift so they don't even have an alarm clock.

    My phone alarm is set.....They can't even come to work on time at 3 in the afternoon.

    Cockadoodle doo!

    Did Shaine's room at our house in Space Exploration theme.
    Big posters of our solar system, the earth, The granddaddy Universe with all the astrological star configurations and the seasonal optimum viewing geographical sightlines and a 35 inch square elemental chart.
    My wife is still sewing the planet curtains and the bedding is awesome.
    Lots of glow in the dark stars and objects.
    Why didn't I have a room like that.
    I'm going to spring for a decent pair of binoculars with stablization.
    Learn the heavens with a good pair before you tackle a telescope.
    The meteor shower last month was a bust for us there was so much christmas light interference that we only saw a few objects streaking the first night.

    Vrng..Vrng..Ching.. Ching..You're up next Mark.

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