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  • superpsiboy superpsiboy Feb 5, 2013 2:04 PM Flag

    It's more like I am desperate rather tha just plain stupid

    Now CD. You were right. You were trying to help me with your years of experience, and I do thank you.

    Insta, I did not forget your lessons in trading, I just didn't follow them..I thought this was my best shot, insider buying, ceo statements, simple logic of the drug delivery platform, they did not dilute prior to results,
    low float, huge short intrest,known drug with no side effect issues, dynamics of broadcast media on a positive cancer treatment. Turns out the management dumb the wrong word?

    Lola, my instinct isn't gone. I was feeling the eebbGeebbee's in the days before CLSN tanked.
    I just can't tell real fear from psi-fear, I knew there was real fear.

    Now I don't mean to make an excuse for myself, I made a decision and I stuck with it..
    Hummmm, what to talk about first?

    Alright....."why didn't I get my money out"
    CD, we all have our personal financial situations. The future is important, but I am more concerned about the immediate future (I can eat cat food in leau of a retirement in the future).
    I fear more saying to myself "I wish I had done that" then I do the alternatives...

    Lola, My Mom died just before my youngest son was born, that will be 17 years ago in may. When they wanted her to get heart surgery my radar went blasting off, I spoke to my brother about it, no one else.
    I don't remember what he said but I didn't want to upset any one so I shut up...she passed on.
    .anyway I don't want regret's in the future...I won't be saying I wish I tried this...or I wish I did that.
    Now I gave it my best shot, I'll have to figure something else out..

    CD, I have some financial challenges coming up that I will have to find a solution too. I also want to be able to do for my wife......
    I am always oppomistic Lola, but if I am wrong I wanted to be able to do for her now...
    CD, I might be eating Cat food thats why I was so bold to gamble, there might be no later....

    I have mixed my trading with my personal interets, another thing you shouldn't do.

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    • So I came into a little money when clsn was app $7.....this was the day after I let someone off the hook for money they owed me
      I put aside the tax money and bought clsn...I figured it was some kind of omen.God..Karma..?

      I would have taken money out of my 401k to buy clsn in the summer when it was under $2 but I couldn't because I had a open loan for some body else I lent money too (notice the pattern?...) and I didn't know it was a 1 loan at a time rule, too bad because I would have had that money out with a profit.

      I rolled over my big son's 401 when he went to school, you guessed it...clsn. But I made money for him, I didnt want to take a chnace and have him have no faith in me forever.....thank god

      Now I started out with next to nothing when I first started posting here, I started with pink sheet stocks like actc, and those famous uranium stocks like uec (25 censt a share)....I went up and down as I learned to trade, but I was in bad shape untill I was trading Gold, Market Pro shares, shorts and oil.
      I did pretty good then.
      I took all that at diffenert point and in clsn it went.....
      So depending on how you look at it I took app a 550% loss from the hi's of $9 a share....

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      • Sorry the Mrs. isn't reponding like before.
        Even though its none of my beeswax..If you haven't told her everything..Now might not be the right time. Has your youngest son changed with the way he was handling his mom's illness?
        Life itself and Family are the most precious things in the world.
        If she is able to travel you must let her decide where she wants to go.
        As you know now more than ever Ego can devour The Best of Intentions.

        The miracle you are looking for wasn't Thermodox it's the years of companionship and love you have built together. Make the most of everyday.

        God Bless your Family.

        And yes you are an Idiot!


      • About CLSN

        If I saw that insiders had sold before data I would be upset. I have seen no such news. The CEO sounded like he was going to cry. If he was legitimate then I feel bad for him. My fault for assuming he was intelligent. He should have diluted prior to data, he would have money and I would have been out.

        Now off of my story for a moment, unless I am missing something it is a crying shame if this drug delivery platform goes down. It just makes too mkuch sense. I know the type of cancer they choose was really tough, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was an unknown factor. perhaps the patient's cell's organelles are closing down some functions during the rfa.....only guessing.....but if they can get the chemo right at the tumor site they should outperform the control arm.

        They are missing something obvious.
        ya and clsn might do better with one of their other 2 trials, but i am out.
        I have to clear my head and try to start again.

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