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  • superpsiboy superpsiboy Feb 12, 2013 2:39 PM Flag

    Salt in the wound

    rub some salt in the wound..hahahahah
    Still on the sidelines, trying to get my head some d and d as well...
    time limited

    anyway oncy popped with no shares in my account, last night I started a list of stocks to re-look at

    vicl,dvax....then I looked to choose the next....and that was ziop (which apparently popped this morning, again with no shares in my accounts)

    anyway starting to look at PPHM.....go to the web site for that one, in addition to the drug platform, read what they have to say about imaging is some copy paste...

    In April 2012, Peregrine launched its experimental phosphatidylserine (PS)-targeting molecular imaging candidate, 124I-PGN650, into clinical development for the imaging of multiple solid tumor types. The primary goal of the trial is to estimate radiation dosimetry in critical and non-critical organs. Secondary objectives of the trial are tumor imaging and safety. Patients are currently being enrolled in the trial. We believe that our unique technology can achieve several important milestones, including:
    •Further validation of bavituximab’s therapeutic target

    Images in humans delineating the specificity of exposed PS in tumors could further validate and support PS as a promising new therapeutic target for antibody therapy across multiple tumor types, and also support PS-targeting antibodies and fragments as potential candidates for antibody-drug conjugates (ADC).

    •Evaluating the effectiveness of cancer therapies

    Since cells expose PS on their surface when they are dying, cancer treatments that are killing tumor cells will cause an increase in PS exposure in the tumor. Therefore, PS-targeted imaging agents may have the ability to image the anti-tumor effectiveness of potentially any cancer therapy. This could facilitate optimization of therapies for individual patients, where a patient may remain on a therapy that appears to be effective, or quickly switch to a different therapy if a response is not observed.

    •Companion diagnostic to bavituximab therapy

    The amount of exposed PS on tumor blood vessels may be indicative of bavituximab’s potential to initiate a robust immune response to cancer. PS-targeting imaging agents may therefore hold potential as companion diagnostics to select optimal patients for bavituximab treatment.

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