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  • shefreak01 shefreak01 Dec 11, 2012 11:41 PM Flag

    Way to go Wanxiang

    I'm so glad JCI didn't get A123. They didn't deserve to get it, they too cheap to pay for it. They wanted it for nothing. Wanxiang gonna triple their investment and kick JCI to the curb where electric car batteries are concerned, not to mention take American jobs. Oh well, thats life in the corporate world. Its a dog eat dog world, so congratulations Wanxiang, obviously the best company won. I warned ya'll that A123 would go under but nobody listened. All the Mr. know it all's lost a bundle of cash. Oh well, guess when it dropped to 0.13 cents a share that shut everybody up. And JCI wanted to swarm in like a buzzard and pick over the remains. Im glad they didnt get what they wanted and Wanxiang got 80% of A123's assets. Way to go Wanxiang! JCI gonna feel the heat very soon for being so cheap. I hate a cheap multi-billion dollar company.

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    • Yawn! You lost relevance long ago on this board.

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      • I read some of your posts, you come off as a Mr. Knowitall. Guess you are who I was referring to in my above post. Enough said, point proven. Get a life loser or try to charge one on credit somewhere. Youre really a sad pathetic head in the sand type of guy. This board is not my life, I like driving fruitcakes like you nuts with my posts LOL.

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      • Keep yawning, I knew the haters would creep out of the woodwork when theres some TRUTH they cant stand to hear. Im obviously relevant to you, youre wasting your keystrokes turd face. I could care less what you have to say, you obviously have money issues, thats why you're yawning. Mine is in ther bank, still in my pocket. I didnt lose it in the stock market like most fools on here LMAO. So whatever, go kiss mommy goodnight little hater.

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