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  • pylesm pylesm Jan 14, 2007 2:01 PM Flag

    Atrium - PK Opinions?

    Looking for some informed opinions here. I contacted Atrium and they are NOT planning on listing their shares with a major US exchange. I'm sure that could change as the co. grows, but for now, there's no plans to do so. Therefore, I'm assuming they didn't want to pay the price for listing on a major US exchange so they've found a market maker who quote prices on the Pink Sheets in order to provide US investors with an easier avenue to trade shares. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there are no separate "PK" shares. The PK market maker buys and sells shares on the TO exchange. Unfortunately, the average volume of shares trading throught the "PK" market maker is far less than those traded directly by investors on the TO exchange. Therefore, "PK" shareholders are typically at the mercy of the market maker who can manipulate prices at will with practically no regulatory oversight. That said, I am looking for opinions as to whether other US investors are holding Atrium or are just going to dump it and why. Can we directly trade shares list as "PK" on the TO exchange and bypass the market maker (of course paying a service fee to our brokerage)?

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    • why would you trade on the pink when the market is on TSE. Nothing stops an american broker from trading on the TSE. What exactly is your question. The pink is for delisted stocks.

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      • I'm a US citizen. US stockholders of AEZS received ATMBF.PK shares for Atrium instead of ATB.TO. In reality, I believe they are the same shares, just a different "exchange" (although the Pink Sheets is not really an exchange... the market maker bascially is the exchange). In my Fidelity account, I now have 1039 shares of ATMBF.PK based on my 5000 share holding of AEZS. I was just wondering if shares designated as ATMBF.PK can ONLY be traded through the market maker that is quoting prices on the Pink Sheets.

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