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  • johnmarkson128 johnmarkson128 Apr 11, 2012 12:20 PM Flag

    Morons shut up!

    Why do some of you morons insist on putting messages on here that have no merit? Some people actually have insight and most simply post it is crashing, or it is going to take off you better get in. Are your days at work that boring? Maybe you should look elsewhere for work. That being said what the hell is going on with this thing? Compared to other bio-stocks this thing should have a PPS that is higher or at least going up regardless of the events of last week. Any intelligent insights are welcomed. Is this just ATM?

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    • There is a catch 22 here. AEZS definitely has potential blockbuster drugs on its pipeline. Plus, it already has a product in the market(Cetrotide).However, most buyers of micro biotech are ignorance emotional day traders. So, these investors has no heart nor brain to care about the company's balance sheet or it's pipeline. All they care is to sell on any spike and buy on any dip. These spikes and dips can be caused by anything. A few examples are Europe financial crisis, analyst's opinion, stock manipulation, insider buying, etc. Any of this blind activity can cause the stock to move in either direction. Everyone is basically sell or buy base on emotion. The decision is not based on any solid information.

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