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  • noidlikemine noidlikemine Nov 14, 2012 9:33 PM Flag

    Time to forget about this for a while

    More disappointment today, but at least it only fell 8% after Engel spoke, which is better than usual.

    Not only did they not file the SPA for 108 in September as they had earlier stated, but they also apparently did a poor enough job that the FDA requested additional information. I think people could forgive them if they got it in when they said they would and then were asked for more information. It might even be understandable if they were slightly late but had done an excellent job leading to fast approval. But the constant delays along with poor understanding or execution is really disappointing. It is similar to when they said the NDA for 130 would be filed by the end of '11, and then 1.5 years later, after supposedly talking to the FDA for over a year, they filed a fast track designation only to have it rejected...

    So, P3 for endometrial won't start until at least early next year (maybe later). Nothing else will happen with 130 NDA until then. Perifosine is the next major result expected in 2013. Unlikely anything will happen before then. The company is trading just above their cash position now... And even a "trial is continuing" won't cause the stock to skyrocket... no actual trial results are expected until the middle of next year...

    Nothing to do but forget about this and either hope that one of the upcoming drug trials is a success or just walk away. I logged on today because of the Q3 CC, but this board has been pretty useless lately. Bashers posting crap without information basically creating a DoS on the board. I probably won't be checking in again until there is new news.

    It seems like there are probably a bunch of #$%$ off people from the Roth deal. Prior to it going through there was about 750k share short, half of which covered... so maybe 400k shorted and used the offer to cover... lets say through creative accounting it was even high... it sill looks like a lot of people must have sold after for under $2.5 (or are still holding under water). They are going to be really disappointed if the PPS does not go above $3.5 in the next 5 years... but I guess that is why you get warrants, to gamble...

    Good luck. Happy New Year (doubt there will be any news before then).

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    • Happy new year to you also Noid. I also thought after this morning time to ignore this for a while. Nothing to see. Just holding in vain hope they will manage RO succeed in something. Hope dwindling. But I'm done playing now. I have two stocks and both are doing terribly. Lesson learned.

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      • I sold out yesterday at $2.09. But I WISH I'll ever be able to forget this experience. Wish I could say I could learn from it. But I know no other way to accomplish wealth than to incur risk. But at this point in my life, especially with this Marxist re-elected last week, I'm intent on holding on to my capital, maybe getting it out of the Country before I'm labled a "tax-cheat" and it's just confiscated like they're doing in france now. Only a matter of time. As for AEZS management, they're border-line criminals, what they've done here. I wish them ill.

    • I agree with all you've said. Thank you. But its hard to ignore this stock for six or more months. I'm not that used to betting on an apparent loser. Oh, well, lets go fishing.

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      • Several names I haven't seen in awhile. Sorry to see you go away. I'm in too deep to walk away, so I will still check in from time to time. Thanks for all of your contributions and best of luck to you all. May we all avoid another debacle of this magnitude- - I suspect we will all be wiser and more cautious in future.

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      • if any credibility is to be restored it hinges on perifosine in mm. if another bummer aezs will turn to dust.. They have been around for long with shark cancer drug, prostate shrinker, and infamous perifosine, nothing has worked, even a little. drugs going straight to the arwr instead they have new tech and drugs works excellent on Apes, may even work on the aezs staff, just very important jerks playing scientists so far. but still a hold for a rebound off off oversold

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