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  • sprypoke sprypoke Nov 19, 2012 9:01 PM Flag

    1Globe Capital

    1Globe capital reports 7.09% passive stake in Aeterna Zentaris - that's the only reference one can find about 1Globe capital on google!!

    I did a little digging to see what this company is. 13g lists 1Global's address as "333 Providence Highway, Boston, MA, 02062". The only firm located at that address is Boston Biomedical. The CEO of Boston Biomedical is Chiang J. Li, who started this company in 2006 (has an interesting story behind it if you google it) and managed to sell it earlier this year to Sumitomo Pharma in a deal that could be worth as much as $2.63 billion. Boston Biomedical has drugs (in pipeline) for cancer treatment.

    So what does this all mean. At a minimum, a highly knowledgeable CEO of a rival company thinks AEZS pipeline has potential - enough potential that he selects this as his first investment. Beyond that is anybody's guess.

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    • Dainippon Sumitomo to set up DSP Cancer Institute
      21 August 2012

      Japanese drug major Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma says it plans to establish a new organization specializing in the oncology area to be called the DSP Cancer Institute and also announced organizational changes.

      There has been rapid scientific progress in the research and development of oncology in recent years. Additionally, in this area of high unmet medical needs, more pharmaceutical companies are entering, making competition very intense and this means rapid, flexible decision-making is necessary. For this reason, we decided to establish the DSP Cancer Institute as an organization independent of the Research Division under direct control of the President.

      In charge of the DSP Cancer Institute is the president, chief executive and chief medical officer of US biotech company Boston Biomedical, which the Japanese firm acquired earlier this year (The Pharma Letter (March 1), and the head of global oncology for the DSP Group Chiang Li.


      Again, links are not allowed, but a simple search should show this article in The Pharma Letter. So, DSP started a Cancer Institute, independent of their research division, for rapid flexible decision making!!! A cancer drug takes years and years to go through the pipeline. I think that DSP is focusing on oncology in a major way and the cancer institute is for deals, either partnerships of buyouts. Given the 1Globe connection, at least a partnership in the near future has a decent chance.

    • Chiang J. Li (J stands for Jia) controls 1Globe capital. Since links are no longer allowed here, google for "whois 1globecapital". The top whois link shows that the domain name has been registered to jjeffli and the address is "8 museum way 1606 Cambridge, MA 02141". Now search for "surechem 8 museum way 1606 Cambridge, MA 02141", and the top link is to surechem which lists Chiang Jia Li at that address for a patent and the first assignee of that patent is Boston Biomedical.

      So Chiang Li of Boston Biomedical is behind 1Globe capital. Now the question is whether Sumitomo Pharma is also behind this?

    • Who ever put up that fake website, better take it down.
      1Globe capital does not exist.
      It is a fake company.

    • Wow, actual news and people discussing it on this board! Perhaps this board isn't hopeless!

      I too looked up 1Globe and came to the same conclusion. The address only belongs to Boston Biomedical. If you look on Google maps, you can tell it is a smallish building next to the ITT campus (ie, it isn't a huge office complex). The founder of Boston Biomedical is name Chiang J. Li. The VP of product development at Boston Biomedical is name Wei Li... seems like too much of a coincidence that Jiajun Jeff Li has the same last name, same office address and is not related in some way to Boston Biomedical.

      They established their position prior to November 8th (they could have been accumulating below 5% before then). There is a decent chance they bought part of their stake during the offering. But even at November 8th lows, their stake was valued around $4m. The is not an insignificant investment.

      It is too early to know their intent, but it is nice to see that it seems like at least one medical company has an interest in aezs.
      (back to ignoring this stock until the new year, unless we get another surprise sec filing or news)

    • Are you sure it's the same person?
      The CEO of Boston Biomedical was Chiang J. Li.
      The 13 G was filed by Jiajun Jeff Li.

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