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  • mookieslayer mookieslayer Feb 4, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

    Don't you just love the silence from management?

    Management had a fantastic opportunity last week, when the stock was running up, to release any great news they might have available.

    But they didn't release any positive news. Why? Because they obviously don't have any positive news to release.

    And now, AEZS is going to trickle right back down to where it was trading before it ran up.

    AEZS management = continued failure.

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    • As posted on Feb 4: "AEZS is going to trickle right back down to where it was trading before it ran up."

      And a mere two weeks later, here we are.

      Now all AEZS's failed CEO needs to do is release some more disappointing Peri news, and this stock will be done forever.

    • I would much rather have silence than a bunch of fluff PR's that will temporarily move the price. When there is news to release, they will do so. Why do you think that there was an opportunity? Did management have anything to do with last week's runup? They have certainly had their share of screw-ups, but I don't understand your premise for this scenario.

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      • You certainly like to divert attention from the reality that is this company. And attempt to insult anyone on the wrong side of your current trade. But I do have to agree with you that management had very little to do with last weeks run up. They had very little to do with supporting that run up with any material news as well. In fact they have had very little to do with any positive movement of their stock over a very long period of time. That must be why they all make so much money I guess.

        But lets look at it from another perspective. Has management had anything to do with the stock setting a recent all time historic low? Has any action on their part instilled any renewed confidence in their ability to succeed for their investors? Or the future potential of this company as being any kind of investment other than for short sellers? Dilution followed by dilution followed by executive compensation, followed by delays, followed by more dilution, followed by listing issues, followed by FDA rejection of Fast Track, followed by more delays, followed by a reverse split, followed by massive dilution, followed by yet more delays, all supported by clinical failures, excuses, missed opportunities, and silence? Can anyone really argue in favor of the current management on any possible level?

        The management of AEZS certainly seems to have the undeniable ability of devaluing shareholder investment in this company. The stock has been consistently trading lower for about 10 straight years setting its latest all time low record only 2 months ago. History has shown that management’s silence has never played well for investors. More delays, and more dilution (lots more) are both almost a certainty. And their biggest failure to date (Peri) is next up for midterm review for the treatment of MM. Gee, what are the odds that it’s a failure for that indication as well? At least investors will have the realization that the NDA for 130 will either be submitted or delayed in July to support Peri’s failure to show any benefit for MM. They are likely also to get no news on the 108 front, and more massive dilution to help support the increased burn rate and to help fund this years round of executive bonuses and compensation.

        Bad news is always just a matter of time with this company. Mostly because of the way it is run by its highly paid CEO. But as investors have become all to aware of at this point. It’s all just the way that Jerky Engel likes to fly.

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