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  • dscobash dscobash Feb 21, 2013 4:52 PM Flag

    An unresponsive BOD overseeing an incompetent CEO ...............

    This is written for anyone wishing to better understand this company as it relates to its potential investment value. Not for perma pumpers who believe these boards are for the expressed purpose of hyping a bad investment to recoup a fraction of their losses. Or for short term traders who just entered the stock because they wish to scalp a trade off the backs of the perma pumpers.

    Where has the BOD been during the last year?

    Any BOD with an ounce of integrity would have sacked Engel years ago. Any BOD who did not sack Engel for his performance this last year is just full on corrupt in my opinion. Oh, wait a minute. Isn’t Jerky Engel himself part of the BOD? Hmmmmm, that might explain a thing or or two about how this company likes to operate. More Phase II trials is really what this company needed to take the burden off of shareholders? That should really help to pay the bills, including Engel’s own bill to shareholders of over a million a year.

    Isn’t it becoming painfully obvious enough that the much rumored but always elusive “partners” will always be able to get a better deal just waiting for Engel to stumble again? Give Engel enough rope and he’ll just hang his shareholders with it. Or give Engel enough dilution and he’ll just spend it all with nothing left when the money is all gone. Allowing Engel to stay on as CEO is no different than the BOD walking up to shareholders, grabbing their money, and then punching them in the eye. His salary should at the very least be cut to ZERO because his performance has amounted to less than zero! His monotone voice and complete lack of presence is enough to put a rabid badger to sleep. He couldn’t generate excitement passing out free ecstasy to teenagers at a stadium concert. And the outcome of his management skills (that reads lack there of) is enough to drive the value of this company to the level of cash obtained through highly dilutive investor destructive financings used to fund delay’s, failures, and executive bonuses.

    Go and read the “code of conduct” issued by the BOD defining their purpose that is posted on the company website. Then ask yourself if the BOD has acted even close to their own stated code. This company belongs on the pink sheets, and that is just where Engel is taking it. All the while wiping out shareholder value along the way. Is there any reasonable explanation why the BOD has allowed the chronic delays, the horrific dilution, the optimism expressed prior to miserable reported failure? I sure can’t. One year after the devastating failure of Peri and all Engel has accomplished is a value destroying reverse split, followed by an enormous value destroying PIPE, with delays sprinkled all over the place, and 30 million more of investor’s money spent!!! And what value have the shareholders of this company received for it???

    The company is again back down to about 1 years worth of cash and I don’t see a single worth while milestone ahead.

    Peri for MM mid term peek? ......Whoop-tee-doo ...... Kerx dropped Peri like it was radioactive. They had been conducting the trial for MM, so why would you think they would have done that? They could have afforded the 3 million necessary to get to the mid term peak and probably could have accomplished it sooner and cheaper than Engel will, if he is even able to. So why drop it if there was any chance for success? And Kerx is a company who obviously knows how to achieve success for their shareholders. They also know when to cut their losses rather than string their shareholders along while wasting their money. But Engel can always cut lose Turpin to get more money, no matter what it costs his shareholders.

    NDA for 130? Who cares anymore? It would have had a far bigger impact a year or more ago. Most have figured out that it adds little to the bottom line, and that’s “if” they ever even file. And it’s a double “if” the FDA even approves it after their review 6 months later. Who cares after all that has already happened? Announce away Mr. Engel, if you ever even can, and watch armies of short term traders sell the resulting short lived pop back down lower than where it started. That includes Turpin who I’m sure will be selling as many shares as possible at every possible opportunity.

    AZ108 starting into a Phase III trial. Who’s paying for it??? Shareholders??? What will 100 million dollars or more in dilution do for shareholder value over the next few years as Engel continues achieving nothing past collecting his weekly pay check? And at the end of it all will AZ 108 maintain Engel’s perfect track record of catastrophic failure?

    This has been one of the most hyped non event company’s out there, and investors are no longer buying into it. They have been burned too many times by SA pump articles from short term traders and the misleading musings of the company’s own management. The pipeline is “deep” with highly questionable compounds that have to date done nothing more than make investors poorer and given false hope to very sick people. Through it all management has just become richer and richer and even less responsive. This is the worst kind of investment run by the worst kind of people. Wait and see how big their bonuses are this year and through all the hype from management wait see how much stock they buy in their own company to add to their practically non existent current holdings.

    But hey. It’s all just the way Jerky Engel and his Jerky Boys like to fly on this all expense paid trip aboard their luxury liner the Aeterna Zentaris. Where you’ll always be able to hear them say ............. “Just put that on my shareholder’s tab”.

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