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  • aezs_cures_wealth aezs_cures_wealth Mar 26, 2013 3:50 PM Flag

    How do you pumpers feel, knowing I've been 100% correct?

    Must sting, after all the naughty things you've posted about me over the past year.

    And to think I'm the bad guy, and not the failed CEO that in the four+ years he's been CEO has

    1) "managed" three major drug trial fails, and
    2) "managed" a PPS crushing ATM, and
    3) "managed" a PPS crushing reverse split, and
    4) "managed" a PPS crushing dilutive financing, and
    5) "managed" to miss an NDA filing by almost three years (thus far), and
    6) "managed" the stock to an ALL-TIME low.

    All this failure, while being paid $19,000 a WEEK *and* receiving annual bonuses.

    And you LOVE him for it! He's *your* CEO!

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    • Sir, how much money have you lost with AEZS? It must have been a lot. You post here multiple times a day with multiple aliases. Here is a tip, dont dwell on a loss go do some DD on other plays and make your money back, plus more. Nobody gets 100% winners.
      AEZS is a buy here with $50M market cap. If you dont think so, go find one that meets your criteria as a buy/short. Dwelling wont get you your money back.

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      • All these guys cures and dsco want is you stock cheap for the company they work for. They just keep rehashing the past . The same thing over and over. Brainwashing the longs to sell. With only 4% of the outstanding shares currently shorted their goal is to accumulate at low levels not to short.I have seen this type of behavior on other biotechs. AEZS-108 is a delivery system for cancer drugs to a specific target. If this shows signs that it works on a larger trial like it worked on a smaller one AEZS-108 will be worth many times more than the stock price now. I do not want AEZS to partner for peanuts. Also with AEZS-130 once AEZS submits the NDA we will see a nice pop. AEZS has revenue and a years worth of cash. I really don't care about dilution in the future because the stock price will be much higher. I can not find a better value in the biotech space then AEZS right now.

    • You aren't even correct about his salary.

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