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  • palinc2000 palinc2000 Jun 6, 2013 4:13 PM Flag

    David is extremely pleased

    that the lawsuit has been dismissed.,I find the word extremely a bit strong .........I am also pleased but not cause for celebration

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    • While extremely pleased may be a bit of an overstatement, it is the first piece of good news in a long time.

      I think the lawyers got very greedy with this lawsuit. The class action period was too long for it to make any sense. They essentially were claiming AEZS has been giving out false information for two years. I could have possibly seen a claim over how the information of the trial ending was disseminated, but a two year claim was crazy.

      That being said, you never know. Maybe there was something we didn't know and the trial could have gone badly. Or even if AEZS has triumphed in the end, it could have cost them a large amount in legal fees. Or, hoping to minimize legal fees, they could have settled for a sum. There were lots of potential bad outcomes, so it is nice to see a good one reached.

      It is the first step in many that AEZS will need to make in order to regain market confidence.

      Filing the 130 NDA within 3 weeks will be the next step. The fact that Engel originally claimed it would be filed by the end of 2011 has turned this company into a joke. How can you miss your own deadline by over a year and a half and then not even offer shareholders an explanation? Dodd stated at the last CC that it would be done by the end of the quarter. The next three weeks will show if his word is any better than Engel's...

      In about three months we should get the phase 2 results of Ozarelix, which will be the next major result for the company. Obviously, it is not like a phase 3 trial results, but having some kind of positive news on trials would be good (although, honestly, I suspect 108 has a better chance than Ozarelix... but you never know...)

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      • Spectrum did not mention Ozarelix trial in last few presentations. It is low on their priority list. Since trial is open label, they might know what is going on.

      • My point was simply if a CEO is EXTREMELY pleased there should be a vey positie effect on the stock price which of course did not happen
        I will be
        EXtremely pleased if the stock price reaches 20 dollrs
        VERY VERY pleased if the stock price reaches 15 dollrs
        VERY pleased if the stok prie reaches 10 dollrs
        Pleased if the stock price reaches 6 dollrs
        Rght now I am very unhappy with all the delays in filing the NDA for 130 and the delay in recruiing the first patient in the endometrial Phase 3 trial. ,pointless stupid recent ATM,and lack of transparency on the strategic vision.....the status quo is not an option so what are they doing....with regards to discussions with partners

      • Faruqi & Faruqi is a joke of a law firm.

        They are the securities industry's equivalent of ambulance chasers.

        All "on behalf of shareholders," of course.

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