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  • noidlikemine noidlikemine Jun 18, 2013 11:30 PM Flag

    P3 for endometrial finally starting

    On the clinicaltrials site, they added University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center as a new location yesterday with status "recruiting."

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    • While shrill (but cleverly written), I have to admit there's a lot of truth in dsco's post. AEZS is by far the worst investment I have ever made, but I've morbidly held on to a token investment in the probably vain hope that something in the much-hyped pipeline will pan out before the company goes under. (When you think about it, that a company this bad has stayed in business as long as it has is perhaps it's greatest achievement.)

    • cpolides Jun 19, 2013 7:47 PM Flag

      although delayed, thats good news. Whether or not the trial is successful the price will rise with anticipation.

    • When does the big dilution finally get started?

      “P3 for endometrial finally starting”

      Whoo Hoo!!! ......... Now the 2 year process of recruitment can begin!!!

      Of course when AEZS says something will take 2 years to complete that can easily mean 4 or more years. Let’s see. Less than 30 million in cash left and a burn rate of 2.5 million or more a month with years of recruitment before any data, good or “very likely” bad, can be released would mean exactly “what” for shareholder value? The company said that it will decrease the absurd past burn rate, but anyone who knows ANYTHING about this company and what they say compared to what they do knows exactly what they, and their “deep” pipeline, are filled with. And as for recruitment ............ Who would want to surrender any of their precious time left on this planet to a company who’s drugs are consistently beaten by the placebo in their clinical trials??? If I were dying of cancer and was approached by AEZS to participate in a clinical trial I would certainly research the company first. I would look at past success rate, previous unmet timelines, and investigate executive effectiveness compared to executive compensation. Any potential patient for an AEZS clinical trial wouldn’t need to do much DD to find that this company exists to enrich its executives through the extraction of money from naïve investors, and the exploitation of the weakened emotional state of the terminally ill. This company has a truly despicable history of ridiculously overpaid executives wasting the time of dying people and the money of hopeful investors. When a rabid dog threatens the safety of everyone around them the right thing to do is put that dog down. This company has served the interests of its executive staff for more than 10 years while wasting the time of the terminally ill, and destroying shareholders investment value. Isn’t it time to put this “dog” down?

      The 2nd quarter will be over with in a week and a half. Wait and see what Turpin and Dudd has wrought with regard to burn rate, ATM sales of dilutive financing. And wait and see David Dudd, Mr. “Shareholder Value”, avoid the subject of his first missed target for the filing of the NDA for AZ130. How many times did Jurky Engel promise the filing of the NDA in question only to instead produce shareholder dilution instead? And what was David Dudd’s first executive accomplishment? A petty demoralizing ATM agreement with the last analyst company to issue an upgrade. The upgrade issued prior to the latest upgrade that ushered in the current ATM came from Roth who underwrote the last highly dilutive PIPE. Roth then issued two consecutive downgrades upon completion of the placement. Notice a pattern? Upgrade equals dilution from those issuing the upgrade. Simple math made possible from greedy high paid incapable executives. Look at the track records of Deadbeat Turpin, Jurkin-it Engel, and ol’ Mr. “Shareholder value” David Dudd. Look at all they have received in return for what they never accomplished. There is no better paying job for people who’s personal gain comes at the extreme expense of those who’s interests they are suppose to serve. The sick are exploited to demonstrate just how ineffective the pipeline actually is. While the company’s investors are exploited for the money they provide for a negative return. Take a look at how well executives are compensated for their roll in this exploitation process. All the while the BOD sits idly by waiting to replace one high paid ineffective CEO with another high paid ineffective CEO. When I first wrote about how David Dodd was really a total “Dudd” the response was to give the man a chance. His own personal introduction was all about his goal of producing “shareholder value”. His first order of business was dilutive financing. His second will be to ignore the fact his stated goal of filing of the NDA for AZ130 will be yet another miss. How is he any different than what he just replaced? Even Jurkin-it Engel started off better than David Dudd. Look ........ if it walks like a Dudd, and it dilutes like a Dudd, and if it misses stated targets like a Dudd, then I say it must be a “Dudd”. But hey, this company has a long standing tradition of succeeding for their executives at the expense of everyone else. It’s all just the way they have always liked to fly.

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