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  • rootbound43 rootbound43 Feb 4, 2014 2:09 PM Flag

    Shouldn't We Be Trading Around $3.00?

    I mean seriously with the NDA, rich pipeline, strong cash position?

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    • No we shouldn't. We should have at leat at $450M cap. ($8 more and less)

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • You support my theory that the message board pumpers here are either company shills trying (unsuccessfully as of late) to suck unwary investors into their dilution trap, or total clueless morons suffering from late stage syphilis. Which are you pumpenstuff? You could throw a dart blindfolded from across the room at an IBD and come up with a stock that will outperform this one. Both the 50 and the 200 day moving averages are the lowest they have ever been! Practically every single day! But you feel the company should have market cap of $450,000,000 million dollars!!! ………… “at least”??? You sure have cemented your credibility here on this board. Right alongside rootbound’s.

        Is it possible that you could be both? A company shill that is also a clueless moron suffering from late stage syphilis? It is the only explanation I can reasonably come up with to explain such a statement without a single word as to why. You represent this company well. And that is why the moving averages continue to move lower. And every day they move lower is another day this company is closer to its next highly dilutive offering at a great discount to market. I suppose the strategy is to just string anyone, willing to listen, along enough until that time. Then Turdpin will get to do what he does best. Obliterate his shareholder’s value while increasing his next bonus. It’s just the way he, and all of the board pumpers, like to fly.

    • No “we” shouldn’t.

      “Watch and Learn”

      Oh I forgot that you have a learning disability. Just a message board pumptart who is always wrong. Even the analysts that follow and make a living off of this company have a median price target of less than $2. And that is if this company ever does one thing right. Which would be a first. Besides why would a company who is happy to sell dilution at $1.15 a share trade up to $3? Turdpin has no problem selling anyone all the shares they would like at the current level or lower. How can a stock go higher when the company doesn’t support it? What will Turdpin price the next offering at? Look at his track record for a clue.

    • Company is in a strong position and i see a solid move to the $2's consolidate for the next move to $5.

3.27Jun 29 4:00 PMEDT