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  • rootbound43 rootbound43 Jul 17, 2014 5:32 PM Flag

    What? Macromelin Acetate Only Worth $18 Million As A Diagnostic?

    I though this was a 100 million opportunity?

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    • Ok. I read your number in the H.C. Wainwright report.
      I think these guys don't know basic math.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Where did you get that number?.
      From oficial presentation the market opportunity only in USA is about 216.000 test anually. Current tests costs are $2000-$3200.
      If AEZS price Macrilen at for example $1000 that's $216M revenues.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to spanishpower25
      • Spanish, the company is talking about indications they have done no clinical testing on. They are talking about possibilities that currently don’t exist. It is all typical AEZS BS to entice investors into buying what they are really selling ……………… DILUTION!!! ………………………. PERIOD!!! …………………….. That is what this company is all about. You can continue pretending otherwise but the truth is hard to ignore and even harder to argue against.

        You have protected and defended this company since you first came here. All you are doing is defending Dodd’s ability to take money from investors and waste it on himself, on Turpin, on a pipeline of compounds that looks good on paper but doesn’t work in the real world, and for perks and bonuses for an incapable upper management team and completely worthless BOD. You have helped all of them make a lot of money while making their investors a lot poorer. All while they had, and continue to have, their hands outstretched for more investor money.

        AZ-130 will barely make enough money to pay for the costs of producing and selling it. AZ-108 is years from achieving its ultimate failure. In spite of what is being pumped here, its Phase II clinical trial results were hardly what would be considered robust. Why do you think no one stepped forward to partner? This company is nothing but failure and dilution. You can argue otherwise with pure speculation based on company propaganda, but my assertions are based on facts and speculation based on obvious inconsistencies between what is happening verses what the company is spoon feeding potential purchasers of their dilution.

        I’m sure you still don’t agree, but the share price obviously does. The share price has agreed whole heartedly with my posting history of presenting facts and substantive speculation since I first started posting here. The exact opposite of every single pumping poster on this board. It is now only a matter of when the next offering will happen and for how much, keeping in mind that the company has never done an offering for more than the last. So, lower than $1.15. And then comes listing issues once again. And everyone remembers how well the last reverse split went. Horrible for shareholders but great for Engel and Turpin. Engel made millions for leaving behind a mess on top of the millions he made while pretending to be a CEO whose only accomplishment was to make his shareholders a lot poorer. How is Dodd any different? And why is Turpin still the CFO?

        Same as it ever was.

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